Watch What Gay Dude Does To Mom Holding Her Child Over An Internet Spat

This bro is confronting this woman over some stupid internet dispute. And what he does is unreal.

The gay dude was obviously angling for a fight.

He goes up to the girl with his phone and starts off on her.

He even says, ‘Oh, you got your son in your hands. That’s fine.’

After a brief chat about their social media dispute, he slaps her.


Here is exactly what’s wrong with society, people.

When a man — even an effeminate man like this — thinks it’s ok to hit a woman while she is holding a baby that is a sign of the decline of our civilization.

This is never ok.

This gay dude is acting tough in front of the camera.

With a woman holding a baby.

The other woman that was there took him to task for it.

But there is no way that he could look good in this situation.

I’d love to see this guy go ahead and do that with another dude and see where it gets him.

He’d be knocked into next week.

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