Watch James Franco’s Reactions When Nutty Professor Defends Early Stage Abortion

Written by K. Walker on August 11, 2017

Some ideas are so bass-ackward that you have to be an Ivy League Prof to come up with them.

She was asked to defend her, uh, ‘novel’ view of abortion. For a member of the so-called intellectual ‘elite’, she didn’t fare so well.

You would think that a debate between an Ivy League prof and an actor would be no contest. Hold that thought.

It was a conversation that could have had a lot of potential. It could have grappled with the complexities of whether life was being extinguished in the womb when an abortion is performed.

After all, that is the singular reason the Life movement feels so strongly about the Abortion issue. Nobody complains if you get liposuction or a wart removed. It’s the ending of life that becomes contentious.

So, what brilliant argument did Princeton philosophy professor Elizabeth Harman present us?

The conversation was about the moral value of the early stage fetus.

So far, so good. This is addressing the big issue head on, right?

Where did she go off the rails? She used something called ‘special pleading’ to create a nonsense circular argument.

If the early stage fetus survives to birth, it has moral value.

If it is stillborn, or aborted, it has not survived to birth. It, therefore, has no moral value, and aborting that child is meaningless.

If we know the fetus is going to die, the fact that it is alive simply does not matter.

Everything hinged on conscious and moral experience.

Do you realize where that leads? Another Ivy league prof — an ethicist, no less — Peter Singer is already arguing that living, breathing bundles of joy that come home from the hospital are not sufficiently aware to qualify as being — in his mind — alive.

So killing a child that’s not had its second birthday… is that a big deal?

Not if Peter Singer and Professor Harman’s views were to merge. The baby’s life would only matter if it had lived until age ‘x’.

News flash: Moral relativism is a slippery thing.

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