Watch Trump Hater Get Shot In The Balls With Tear Gas And Try Not To Love It

Written by K. Walker on August 23, 2017

After President Trump’s successful rally in Phoenix, the few anti-Trump supporters started to cause trouble. But the Police were ready for them. Maybe this one guy could serve as a lesson for all of them.

He took a rubber bullet in the groin.

He probably wasn’t wearing a cup, though he did have on a gas mask.

In one wince-inducing moment screened on CBS5 and captured on Twitter, one protester – clad in a gas mask – kicked a canister of tear gas back at police.

Seconds later a cloud of dust mushroomed up from his groin and he doubled up in agony.

‘A guy just got shot with a rubber bullet,’ remarked one host, as the other lapsed into a pained silence.

‘So… er… yeah, the officers are not, are not messing around at all,’ the host stuttered as the stricken protester was dragged away by an ally.

The protesters were vastly outnumbered by Trump supporters.

The alt-left protesters threw water bottles and rocks at police lines, and law enforcement officers responded with tear gas, pepper spray, pepper balls, and rubber bullets.

Watch the News footage:

The unrest broke out after Trump swung through the city for a rally designed to fire up his base – which it did, his fans vastly outnumbering anti-Trump protesters.

Supporters and opponents alike gathered in the 107-degree heat, but it was only after the rally that violence broke out.
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This is going to be on Jeopardy someday.

Can’t you just see it?

CONTESTANT 1: I’ll take ‘Do Stupid Things, Win Stupid Prizes’ for 600, Alex.

ALEX: ‘Gas-masked protester kicks tear gas back at police in Phoenix and learns his lesson.’

Who is ‘Rubber Bullet To The Balls Guy’?

ALEX: Correct!

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