Will The AltLeft Lunatics Demand A ‘BAN’ On These 10 Southern Rock Songs?

Published on August 24, 2017

With all things ‘Southern’ being deemed ‘bad’ now… how many of these songs will ‘trigger’ some lefty and be added to their book burning parties?

The Ultimate Classic Rock Top Ten Southern Rock Song list has the following ten titles.

Let’s see if we can anticipate what will ‘trigger’ everyone about them.

In standard ‘countdown’ order:

10. Mississippi Queen — Mountain

9. 30 Days In The Hole — Humble Pie

8. Ramblin’ Man — Allman Brothers

7. La Grange — ZZ Top

6. Flirtin’ With Disaster — Molly Hatchet

5. Long Haired Country Boy — Charlie Daniels

4. Highway Song — Blackfoot

3. Green Grass and High Tides — The Outlaws

2. Sweet Home Alabama — Lynyrd Skynyrd

1. Can’t You See — Marshall Tucker Band

Let’s see…

Songs about hard drugs and fast women.

Will that be a problem?

But we DO know that Skynyrd carries a big flag-shaped target that REALLY triggers these guys.

In keeping with the theme, let’s dedicate a more recent song to the fragile little dears.

These sorry little snowflakes really need to pour themselves a steaming cup of STFU. (Sad!)

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