Bills Fans Give ANOTHER Reason To #BoycottNFL – Namely, Public Sex Acts At Games

Geez! Let’s hope this stuff doesn’t get shown on the jumbotron!

To be fair, it wasn’t in the stands, but it seems that the ‘Bills Mafia’ is upping the ante every year, so how far off can that be?

For years, the Buffalo Bills have been awful and fans have coped with that enduring reality by banging in the parking lot, tossing sex toys onto the playing field and turning tailgates into amateur wrestling matches. Slamming a fellow member of the so-called “Bills Mafia” through a folding table is a rite of passage for a particular brand of drunken Bills fan.
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A couple of fans have posted on social media that they witnessed sex acts at the Bills season opener this season.

But Ashleigh wasn’t the only one, and it was a separate incident:

As Josh said, Bills fans aren’t known for their ‘judgment skills’:

As the calendar flips to Fall they awaken to the sound of fractured polyurethane…welcome back #billsmafia @lacesoutshow

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Bills Mafia is BACK!. #LetsGoBuffalo (via @ddaccolti88 )

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Those Buffalo fans are pretty wild.

There is a difference between wild and ‘WILD’ if you know what I mean.

There are dumb things that people do — but public sex?

That’s just disgusting.

Dear Lord, I don’t even like going to the public bathroom.

I’ve been to sports events where the parking lot smells like a combination of beer, pee, and vomit.

And don’t forget that there are kids that are fans, people!

Are you trying to scar them for life?

Yet another reason that a boycott seems like a good idea, amirite?

What would you do if you saw public sex at an NFL game?

Let us know in the comments.

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