Clash Poll: Do You Proudly STAND For The National Anthem?

Published on September 8, 2017

With all the talk about what millionaire athletes feel about the national anthem, what about ordinary sports fans?

We know how the Colin Kaepernicks of the world feel about our flag, our nation, and the police force that keeps us all safe.

But what about ordinary Americans in ‘flyover country’. How do WE feel about our flag… and the tradition of standing when the Anthem is sung?

Are we more like that stadium full of CANADIAN NHL fans that — when the singer’s mic cut out during the AMERICAN anthem — rose up with one voice and provided the lyrics THEMSELVES?

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(And that clip was AFTER Colin’s drama had played out in the NFL.)

Or are we more like the guys in this clip?

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Are we the kind of people who LOVE it, or who get offended when they hear our standard anthem, let alone a high-octane version these guys brought us?

Do we take that moment and set it aside for recognizing what brings us all together and those people who — even now — are a long way from home, doing what they can to keep us safe?

Or are we too wrapped up in our own ‘first world problems’?

Or worse, too disinterested to even look up from our phones?

Share if you are still proud when you see that flag waving.