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Dear Cowboys Fans: Your Team Bowed It’s Knee To The GODS Of PC – What Will YOU Do?

Et tu, Cowboys?
(Have they forgotten they play in TEXAS???)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Is America headed for a recession?

Among other things, this is a seriously dumb marketing play.

Google ‘America’s Team’ and you know what comes up? As of today, there are two things.

First, there is the search column:

Second, there is the ad column the right:

America’s Team. That WAS your brand. That WAS what you were known for.

Good luck maintaining THAT Brand when your whole team is throwing in with protesters dumping on America and the Flag.

Not DURING the anthem, mind you — so that’s marginally better — but before it. By doing that, you have ‘picked sides’.

The fans (this is TEXAS, after all) have already reacted. To hear the President tell it:

The President went easy on them… calling it big progress.

But we’re not so sure that it was. What was the team thinking to pull this crap in Dallas?

Dallas is the city where police officers DIED defending the right of BLM to protest police officers. And the NFL took a stand FORBIDDING any token of remembrance of those police.

Are fans supposed to FORGET those? This protest is — to hear Colin tell it, and he should know — EXPLICITLY anti-cop.

And these clowns joined in.

Owner Jerry Jones is not SERIOUSLY trying to take a moral HIGH road, is he?

Because that’s not going to fly. There IS no moral high road for this guy to take.

NONE of the women in the following photos are Jerry’s wife.

The images showing Jones – who has three children with his wife of 50 years – posing with two strippers at a Dallas restaurant emerged on August 3 when they were shared on Twitter. —DailyMail

Sure, sure there’s an innocent explanation.

Lemme guess… The stripper on his lap moonlights as a football ref. And she’s just checking to make sure his balls aren’t deflated.

Judging by take ‘take a knee’ decision? They are.

Share if Texan fans are NOT people you want to piss off.

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