DISGUSTING: Watch What Teacher Does To Kids Wearing Trump Shirts – Should She Be FIRED?

Published on September 13, 2017

Maybe she’s never HEARD of the First Amendment?

THIS is why people like the idea of charter schools and vouchers.

She HAS been pulled from the class she was teaching, but will she still continue to work somewhere else?

Will the Unions be shielding her from the stupidity?

Lyn Orletsky, a teacher of five years at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, was seen on video kicking two students out of her class after they refused to remove their clothing bearing the pro-Trump slogan.
“Because it says, ‘Make America Great Again.’ The neo-Nazis — I’m not saying about Trump, but the slogan,” the teacher said in the video.

The superintendent sent out this message after the video went viral:

“Ms. Orletsky no longer is your child’s math teacher, effective immediately,” the letter said, Patch Media reported. “We have assigned a substitute teacher and are searching for a knowledgeable and experienced educator to teach these classes for the rest of the school year.”

What gives her the idea she can make something like that stick?

Maybe the too-frequent silence of the media when Antifa shuts down actual expressions of free speech. And the ginned-up anti-Trump hysteria.

Schools are not ‘safe spaces’ from ideas that you disagree with.

They were never meant to be.

Is it any wonder that home schools and charter schools are jumping in popularity.

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