Dude Said ‘Supernatural Powers’ Will Protect Him In Croc Infested Lake – Crocs Said, ‘You Wanna Bet?’

Written by K. Walker on September 19, 2017

This shaman took a swim in croc infested water to perform a ritual in order to locate the body of a victim of a recent crocodile attack. Oh, the irony.

In the region of Kalimantan, Indonesia, there have been several crocodile attacks since July, and this was the fourth reptile attack this year.

Obviously, the sensible thing is to have a shaman that has supernatural control of crocodiles hop into the water, amirite?

This is the moment a man claiming to have supernatural control over crocodiles died after one of the reptiles appeared to drag the shaman under water.

Suprianto died after the suspected crocodile attach in Kutai Kartanegara, Indonesia, despite calling himself a pawang buaya [Crocodile shaman].

Interestingly, one of the recent attacks that killed a man was because a pawang buaya ‘called’ a crocodile and the croc ‘answered’ the summons even though the shaman hadn’t gone into the water.

Back to Suprianto and his search for the body of another victim.

He swims into the waters in Kartanegara looking for the body of a man called Arjuna.

Witnesses reported he had also been attacked by crocodiles while bathing in the Muara Jawa estuary on Friday, Coconuts reports.

But Suprianto was dragged under mid-mantra as he was swimming and chanting.

Oh, is that a bit harsh?


The good news is that police found both bodies intact.

Police recovered both bodies on Sunday, with Kutai Kartanegara Police Chief Fadillah Zulkarnaen telling Detik news site that Suprianto was found floating at 9.40pm.
Source: Daily Mail

Police believe that Suprianto was dragged under the water by a crocodile and ran out of oxygen.

It’s not funny when people die, and this death was a tragedy.

But it was also preventable.

Don’t want to die by croc attack? Don’t swim with crocodiles.


There have been 3 crocodile attacks in the region, and the fourth reptile attack was in West Sulawesi, Indonesia, when a man was swallowed by a giant python.

Guess where I’m never going to go visit?

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