Taxpayers: Demand That The Sport You Bankrolled Show Respect for America’s Flag

Published on September 28, 2017

by Bill Pauwels Jr.
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Where is the respect for America, her national anthem and those that serve, served and died or who were wounded defending freedom for America?

I recently learned that most of the sports stadiums and arenas across America were partially funded by state tax payer dollars. Why is that?

The NFL franchise owners and players all benefit from our tax dollars. Apparently hundreds of millions of state revenue flows from us to them during these building projects.

I say respect our flag and national anthem. Protest somewhere else.

Could any of you get away week after week with a protest at work based on a cause you’re passionate about? I wonder if your employer would continue to pay you for doing so?

My feeling is: respect our nation and her flag and anthem or go live somewhere else if it’s all so awful.

Wrong time and place to be protesting.

Average NFL salary in 2016: $2 million-plus

Average salary for career military folks in 2016: $40,000-plus

I’m done watching the NFL or attending these games until Roger Goodell can gain total control over this national disrespect by players and owners.

photo credit: Excerpted from: Templestream NFL Anthem Protests via photopin (license)

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