UNREAL: Look What Idiots Made Their Kid Drink & Smoke – Should They Be JAILED?

Published on September 8, 2017

If even people who pull stunts like this with pets are denounced as d-bags and worse…
What do you call the ones dumb enough to do it to their own flesh and blood?

They claim they were just kidding.

That they weren’t ACTUALLY giving their toddler beer and cigarettes.

(They have also been accused of making their kid smoke weed.)

But they were only kidding.

At least, that’s what mom and dad are trying to convince police in Argentina, now that they are facing charges, and that they have lost custody.


The toddler’s head was bobbing up and down, the way they do when toddlers are fighting to stay awake.

During the short clip, they put a bottle to her mouth and a cigarette.

What actually happened BEFORE the filming started is anyone’s guess.

The young girl is now in the temporary care of her grandmother.
Her mother may be tried in the juvenile justice system as, aged 17, she is still a minor. Her current legal status and that of the girl’s father were not reported. —DailyMail

Did they cross the line?

Were they just being dumbasses? Or was this criminally stupid?

Share if this is some really bad parenting.