Is UPS Liable for the Mass Shooting at Their Facility?

Written by S.C. Sherman on September 16, 2017

A lawsuit has been filed and the results could change everything in mass shooting liability. The families of the dead, the wounded, and even some witnesses have filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court.

Attorneys are representing relatives of two slain drivers, two wounded employees and 28 survivors in a wrongful death suit against United Parcel Service and the security firm, Allied Universal Security Services, and the building owner. The wounded individuals and the other employees are seeking damages for their ordeal.

First off, the employees seeking damages for their “ordeal” should be ashamed of themselves! Go home and count your blessings for not being shot or dead. Don’t sue your employer like a money-grubbing little weasel. The wounded and the families of the dead may do as they see fit in my opinion. They have been wronged in a physical way.

California makes it virtually impossible for its citizens to own a gun to protect themselves. California has decided that guns are evil and no one should have them. In their opinion that will be the safe way to go. They were wrong.

UPS went above and beyond to keep their employee’s safe. The UPS employees were actually being protected by metal detectors and security guards at the time of the shooting. Those extra security measures were easily defeated by Jimmy Lam on June 14th when he entered the building armed with illegal weapons and evil intent.

How could this happen? There should be no gun violence in California thanks to their cutting-edge gun laws. So, what went wrong?

Nothing stopped Jimmy Lam from his nefarious mission. California gun laws didn’t stop him. Metal detectors didn’t stop him. Security guards didn’t stop him. He killed some very innocent and wonderful people and no one knows why. He ultimately killed himself as police arrived, taking that reason to the grave.

The lawsuit will attempt to blame UPS and others for results of the rampage. Can UPS be held liable for this? What more could they have done to protect their employees?

Why is the State of California not liable for disarming its citizens and infringing upon their Second Amendment rights? If one of those employees had been carrying a weapon, would lives have been saved? No way to know for sure, because California made sure that couldn’t happen.

The deaths of these individuals are on California legislators more than UPS.

Let’s just assume UPS loses this suit and are found guilty of wrongful death. That means the law blames them for this psycho walking into their business and killing folks. That precedent will open up every business to liability.

What if a psycho walks into a restaurant, or a movie theater, or a school, or a church and kills a bunch of people…could they be sued for wrongful death because they didn’t have a secure establishment? IF UPS is found guilty, it sure seems likely that virtually any business would be liable.

The truth is no one can protect you. No business can and definitely no government can keep you safe. Your protection is up to yourself alone, especially in face of an attacker who is planning to kill himself. That attacker has nothing to lose and can only be stopped by someone with a gun, either a cop or an armed citizen.

California has effectively stripped its people of their Second Amendment guaranteed right to self-protection and then blames the business for not protecting its people well enough.

The blood of these victims is on the hands of the California legislators.

A few years ago, I wrote a book titled, Mercy Shot, that addressed just this situation.

You can order it here if you’re interested.

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S.C. Sherman
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