WATCH: NFL Player Just Took CONTEMPT For Our Country To A New LOW

Written by K. Walker on September 25, 2017

There is a fine line between ‘protest’ and ‘contempt’. This latest stunt has certainly crossed that line.

It’s one thing to have players ‘take a knee’ during the anthem and call that ‘free speech’.

Sure, they have a right to protest, but it’s still stupid.

To kneel during the anthem and/or before the flag that is the symbol of the freedoms that we all enjoy and unite behind really is stupid.

It is disrespectful to those men and women that fought and died for those freedoms.

Our country isn’t the racially divided one that it once was — we have moved past that dark part of our history and to say otherwise is disingenuous.

If we hadn’t moved forward with race relations, many of these football players wouldn’t be making millions playing in the NFL with enthnically diverse crowds cheering them on.

This is literally their job — they’re not politicians or an opinion writers, they’re football players. What they do when they wear that uniform matters.

A vegan crossfitter doesn’t use company time to promote their lifestyle choices, do they? Neither should a football player when he’s on the field.

What someone does on their own time is their own business, and everyone has the right to support or protest any cause they see fit.

It’s the time and place that is at issue here.

This protest has caught on, and Lesean McCoy of the Bills decided to up the ante — he didn’t just kneel for the duration of the anthem, he was warming up.

On Saturday he had tweeted this little gem:

Remember how classy some of these guys are.

Check out what NY Giants Wide Receiver, Odell Beckham, did after scoring:

He got a 15-yard penalty for that stunt.

Later, Beckham scored again and this time raised his fist in a ‘black power salute’.

And the Kaepernick virus continues to spread.

At least, 150 NFL stars kneeled, while others gave the black power salute, sat linking arms, or even refused to show up during the national anthem on Sunday.

Players from both the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars were the first to protest by taking a knee ahead of their game at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday morning. No players were kneeling during the playing of God Save The Queen – the British national anthem.

Source: Daily Mail

Watch as football players kneel for the American anthem but stand for the British anthem.

So disgusting.

If this country with all its freedoms offends you, then, why the heck are you still here?

I’m sick of these sports stars denigrating our country, and lots of people apparently agree with me.

Stop politicizing sports! We’ll turn off the tv and find other things to do.

What will these sports stars do when they can’t command the big paychecks?

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