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Yo, Libs: Watch What Happens To Women Under SHARIA Law – What Time’s Your ‘Protest?’

It’s odd that the Women’s March activists are worried about the rights and freedoms of women in the good ol’ US of A, but have nothing to say about women under oppressive laws around the world. Will they ever take a stand against Sharia?

Probably not.

It’s part of their crazy ‘intersectional’ ideology, and Muslims are an ‘oppressed group’ right now.

What will happen when they become a majority, I wonder?

Probably nothing since they’re mostly ‘brown people’, so they’ll still have that intersectional street cred.

Meanwhile, women are abused in Muslim countries that implement Sharia Law.

But, hey! They wear those headscarves because they choose to, dontcha know.

Right. They’re choosing to not be raped… or caned like they would be if they were in this part of Indonesia.

Leftists, pay attention — this is what Sharia Law can do for you!

In the province of Aceh, Indonesia, in the Sumatra region, Sharia law has been implemented. The laws have been strengthened and include a variety of ‘violations’ that are punishable by public beatings with a cane.

Eleven men and women have been whipped for crimes ranging from gambling to adultery in Indonesia under brutal sharia law.

The barbaric public lashings, which occurred today in Banda Aceh, are the latest to emerge from the only province in the country to implement the Islamic punishment.

Those forced to take a cane across the back were hit more between 10 and 29 times by a masked enforcer for their respective so-called crimes.

As you can see, it’s not just women targeted, but public displays of affection can get you a caning, and women are targeted.

Officials remove the woman’s shoes before her punishment begins

Anybody caught engaging in consensual gay sex is punished with 100 lashes, 100 months in jail or a fine of 1,000 grams of gold.

The law also set out punishment for sex crimes, unmarried people engaging in displays of affection, people caught found guilty of adultery and underage sex.

Religious police in Aceh have been known to target Muslim women without head scarves or those wearing tight clothes, and people drinking alcohol or gambling.

Is it just me, or does this section of Indonesia look a little like this:

Not that I’m making light of the canings — it’s incredibly painful and a severe punishment for often trumped-up charges.

Men and women have collapsed in pain due to the severity of their injuries and people can be caned for something as innocent as standing too close to a partner in public or being seen alone with someone they are not married to.
Source: Daily Mail

We live in the freest country in the world — where the same freedoms are available to all citizens. It’s against the law to deny them based on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

We don’t put the value of a woman as half that of a man, as Sharia does.

We don’t beat people for standing too close to someone of the opposite gender.

We don’t demand that women cover every inch of their body in order to not be raped.

So what are the Nasty Women’s March people going on about again?

Maybe they should take a trip to Aceh and see what happens to women there before they start ranting about the so-called ‘gender pay gap’.

Maybe Jennifer Lawrence could fly in her private jet over there and have a gander and maybe discuss climate change with those caning dudes.

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