America’s Department of Defense Paid the NFL for What? …

Written by Larry Usoff on October 16, 2017

Every now and again something pops into my head and I have to either write it down, or look it up…before I forget it. So, here’s a few things that were on notes crumpled up on my desk and when I find them again I write about them.

Take this Black Lives Matter group…my explanation of BLM is Bigoted Loony Madmen. Why else would a rational person think that your skin color is a reason for your living or dying. Do you ever ask yourself how it is that what started out as a rag-tag bunch suddenly blossomed into a well-coordinated and well-funded army, complete with uniforms? First, are they rational? No. Then, who, or what, is dropping lots of money on them and what do they hope to accomplish? Although no direct connection has been shown between George Soros and BLM, he DOES fund something called Black Alliance for Just Immigration, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some of his money IS going into BLM. The list of groups that Soros DOES fund has a certain drive to it, and that drive centers around the eventual destruction of the United States.

Imagine, if you’re old enough, that it’s 1936, and you’re in Germany. You walk to the market to get some groceries and along the way you see a large gathering. There’s a speaker up on the literal soapbox and he’s yelling about how a certain element of the German population is to be treated. He, and several more like him, are wearing a uniform. There’s a brown shirt, with the diagonally-placed belt, the little military-style cap and the darker brown pants, sometimes tucked into knee-high boots.

His speech is peppered with derogatory statements about that certain element of society, and you see the crowd beginning to nod in agreement. He is a very powerful speaker and seems certain to get his point across. Are you still in your imagination? Alright, now fast forward to the present. We are witness to a crowd gathering in a square somewhere in America. They wear black uniforms, most of them are wearing a mask or a bandana to cover and hide their faces. They are yelling about a certain element of the American population, and all their remarks are derogatory. This is Antifaand if you’re not aware of what that means, it’s Anti-Fascist. However, they are mirroring the fascists of pre-WW2 in Germany and Italy.

So far, we’ve discovered that the past is with us today. The violence, mostly senseless, is prevalent in almost all of these gatherings because they attract people who have differing views on the same subjects. Whoa…I can hear you thinking, “…but this is a free country, and we have free speech guaranteed by the Constitution…”, and in a perfect world you’d be right…but this is no longer a perfect world and there ARE people, lots of them, that want to deny you that right. They will actually beat you with clubs and any other weapons that are handy.

In the last election, there was (if I may be permitted this reference) “a disturbance in The Force” and the people spoke and were heard. A different sort of President was elected, and what he has wrought so far has both confused and amazed people, on both sides of the aisle. Understand though, because Trump IS a different type, and does things differently, the opposition has gathered unto itself all manner of adversarial people. These people, two groups already mentioned, are determined to see the government fail, never realizing that when that happens anarchy is likely to occur. Anarchy does no one any good because each and every person is out for themselves…to grab whatever they can, whether it be power, wealth, or just food.

Our government is a republic, not a democracy. If we were a true democracy, California and New York State/City would have determined the outcome of the last election. Democracy is pretty much majority rule, and that can be devastating. In the past, the Electoral College has been questioned and there’s as many reasons to keep it as there are to discontinue it. Personally, after checking into it, it’s a good thing that we have it. Computers can count votes almost instantly, so why not have a popular vote election, eh? Read that first sentence again, about us being a true democracy. Computers can be hacked, election results changed, dead people can vote, more than once in some cases, and there’s no guarantee that even the manufacturer of voting machines doesn’t pre-install “something”.

Parting shot: In one side of Congress, the House of Representatives, they have the power to control money. Why are we not getting any SERIOUS oversight of our tax money being spent? I learned, because of the foolishness of the NFL’s members, that states and the Federal government, actually PAY the NFL for things. Tyler Cohen, writing in Current Affairs on September 27th, said “It turns out that from 2011-2014, the Department of Defense spent $5.4 million in contracts with 14 NFL teams for flag ceremonies. The National Guard got in on the action too, and gave $6.7 million to the NFL for the same kind of thing from 2013 to 2015.” We, as taxpayers, pay them, and then we pay them again to watch them play a game? Something VERY wrong here.

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