So, What Does Hillary Think about Harvey Weinstein?

Written by Andrew Allen on October 12, 2017

“No doubt Hillary Clinton has taken a bunch of Harvey Weinstein’s donation money and treated it like it were her own”

Know what’s most annoying about Hillary Clinton?

Yes, I understand, there are SO many annoying things about Hillary Clinton it might be hard to zero in with Obama’s laser-like focus and identify the MOST annoying thing.

Today (Tuesday, October 10th) provides a great example of her most annoying quality. Today (Tuesday, October 10th) is the day in which Hillary Clinton finally issued a statement regarding Harvey Weinstein.

One would expect someone that sees herself as relevant as Hillary sees herself as relevant to appropriately denounce the sickening behavior of Harvey Weinstein. As of this writing (Tuesday, October 10th) the Weinstein story hasn’t just percolated for a good long while, it has developed into allegations of criminal sexual assault.

No reasonable human being as of today thinks Weinstein’s behavior was or is excusable.

So only now, after the story has persisted and a body of evidence emerged has Hillary Clinton decided to wade into the miasma with a predictable response.

That’s the key problem with Hillary Clinton. She has never taken a bold stand for anything. She has never had an original idea. Hillary Clinton has never in her entire adult life advanced a position that wasn’t poll-tested, focus-grouped, or otherwise deemed advantageous to her political future.

Her tenure as a Senator features only three pieces of legislation that were created in her office in her name. All three named things. Like a post office. And stretches of roads. There never was a Hillary-Clinton-Save-Us-All-Before-We-Die Act. Her time in the Senate is only memorable because she served as Senator for a state in which she never previously resided. In other words, she served in the Senate from New York because that served her future Presidential ambitions.

Or more recently, after “The Resistance” was already resisting, what did Hillary do? She promptly donned a weird black leather pantsuit, attended a tech conference, and declared herself head of “The Resistance”. She even had a focus group-developed slogan for “The Resistance” to adopt. “RIPE”.

Remember RIPE? Resist. Insist. Persist. Enlist. Interesting how “The Resistance” rotted and became “Antifa” in the months after she commandeered the movement. “The Resistance”, as it existed ten months ago is all but gone.

Hillary Clinton’s book is the same thing. Coulda, shoulda, and wouldas, if only her staff would have let her, coupled with a book tour in which she plays the role of backseat driver. It’s a compelling image. Trump wheeling the Scooby van down the highway of contemporary events with Hillary in the back screeching “Hey up there, you should’ve used your blinker on the healthcare off ramp there by Toledo!”. It’s easy to critique they guy in charge and the actions he’s taken when hard things have happened AFTER the fact.

What Hillary has never done though is come out ahead of any given topic and taken a position that was truly her own.

No doubt, she took a bunch of Harvey Weinstein’s donation money and spent it as though it were her own though.

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Hillary Clinton via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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