Hillary’s Startling Admission While Explaining Why She Can’t Give Back Weinstein Money

Written by Andrew Allen on October 17, 2017

My one and only visit to Hollywood occurred about a decade ago. At the time, we were living in San Diego. My brother-in-law, who was and still is in theater, wanted to see Hollywood. We were relatively new to southern California back then and wasted no time throwing everyone in the Hyundai and making the three-hour drive north.

Like most Americans, we had illusions that Hollywood would be amazing. I can remember nearing the area and seeing the iconic Capitol Records tower, and feeling exciting at what might be in store for us.

Like those that have visited Hollywood, the reality of the Hollywood we found didn’t match the myth Hollywood has sold to the world for way too long. The Hollywood Walk of Fame – where stars and names are affixed in the sidewalks – might as well be called the Walk of Shame. Much of those sidewalk tiles sit outside adult bookstores and the like. It’s seedy. It’s filthy (as though a street sweeper never comes by unless there’s an event taking place that day). The entire area is viscerally disgusting and gives the impression of the kind of place you wouldn’t want to be alone and female in after dark.

Not unlike the Miramax executive suites. Apparently, the Miramax business model allowed Harvey Weinstein to pay the company a fee so that the company could handle sexual harassment or assault claims against Weinstein. In other words, if Starlet A showed up to see Harvey and he raped her, he could cut Miramax a check and they’d make nice with Starlet A.

Kind of like if Domino’s Pizza had a driver that was prone to driving drunk. So, they kept the guy on the payroll with a contractual provision stating that for every drunk driving arrest their driver could cut corporate a check to take care of the legal particulars.

How corrupt is this? It’s corrupt from the Bottom to the top. Harvey’s Bottom was as of yet unnamed female assistants. Those female assistants basically lured nervous wannabe starlets to appointments with Harvey. In prostitution, such women are referred to as “the Bottom”. The Bottom is the pimp’s assistant that keeps the whores in line and keeps pimp daddy happy. Even if the pimp daddy is fat, old Harvey Weinstein.

Hillary of course had no idea. She never ever seems to have an idea. She even wrote a book about all the ideas she came up with and wished she’d acted upon after the fact. And don’t worry. She promised she’d give back all that money Weinstein gave her…

Oh, wait, she said it was impossible to give Weinstein’s donation monies back to him because “there is no one to give the money to”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t I just see Weinstein on the news alive and kicking? She can’t give the money back to him? I mean, he’s right there. Fat. Old. Gross. Creepy. Unshaven. Eye-balling that young unsuspecting journalist that graduated in 2015 and hasn’t lost her cheerleader figure.

Hillary also said she’d donate Weinstein’s money the way she donated all her income.

Screeeeeeeeeeech. How is it that to date I am the only one that noticed this?

Ever deal with a serial liar? Eventually, if you let them tell enough lies long enough, they get tripped up in their own words and the truth comes out.

Hillary accidentally admitted that she views campaign donations and personal income as the same thing. In her mind there is no difference even though, in the eyes of the law, there are major differences between political campaign donations and personal income.

How corrupt is this?

So much so that we have a special prosecutor turning up nothing against the President right now along with Larry Flynt offering $10 million for impeachable information against Trump and thus far no one’s found anything. And yet, we’ve got Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein throat deep in corruption and getting off scot-free.

Image: Excerpted from: Sambeet; CC0 Creative Commons; https://pixabay.com/en/hillary-clinton-president-woman-1724469/

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Andrew Allen
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