Jane Fonda Keeps Stupid Alive – Her Latest Is Pretty Much UNFORGIVABLE

Published on October 17, 2017

Jane Fonda — yet again going abroad and spouting stupidity.

This might come as a shock to readers younger than, say, 50 years old — but Jane Fonda was relevant once.

Relevant enough that she could be what Communism calls a ‘useful idiot’ for their cause. You know, a little like Sean Penn or Bernie Sanders.

She was an anti-war crusader in the Vietnam war era. So she went to visit the North Vietnamese where she LITERALLY gave aid and comfort to the enemy. She posed for some propaganda pics to undermine the American War effort.

Now most of us if we do something colossally stupid, will later realize ‘you know… that was a really bad idea.’

That’s because we are not Hollywood Celebrities.

Forty-five years later, ‘Hanoi Jane’ does not regret those decisions.

Here is her rationalization:

“I don’t regret going to Vietnam. The United States was bombing the the dikes of North Vietnam, earthen dikes in the Red River Delta. If the dikes had given way, according to Henry Kissinger, somewhere around 2 million people could have died of famine and drowning. And we were bombing, and it wasn’t being talked about. And I thought, well… I’m a celebrity. Maybe if I go, and I bring back evidence… and it did stop 2 months after I got back, so I’m proud that I went. It changed my life. All for the good.”

“The thing that I regret is that on my last day there, I made the mistake of going to a ceremony at an anti-aircraft gun. It wasn’t being used — there were no airplanes or anything like that — there was a ceremony and I was asked to sing, and people were laughing and so forth, and I was led and I sat down and laughing, and then I got up and then I realized ‘oh my gosh! It’s gonna look like I am against my own country’s soldiers and siding with the enemy. Which is the last thing in the world that is true. I had spent years working with veterans and soldiers. … but the image was there.”

When asked point-blank if she was proud of her country, she answered without hesitation — no.

But of the anti-Trump protests, now? She’s proud of those.

And her own protests back in Vietnam?

She’s ‘Proud’ of that, too. But she wasn’t ‘helping the enemy’. No, never that, she wasn’t a dupe being used in a huge propaganda effort by the KGB.

Russian GRU defector Stanislav Lunev said in his autobiography that “the GRU and the KGB helped to fund just about every antiwar movement and organization in America and abroad,” and that during the Vietnam War the USSR gave $1 billion to American anti-war movements, more than it gave to the VietCong, although he does not identify any organisation by name. Lunev described this as a “hugely successful campaign and well worth the cost”. (Stanislav Lunev, Through the Eyes of the Enemy: The Autobiography of Stanislav Lunev)–Wiki

Maybe she’s also proud that she helped break the will of the war effort in Vietnam? For her role in making some of the aftermath of the war possible (source VietnamWarInfo):

–Between 1 to 2.5 million South Vietnamese were captured and moved to the so-called “re-education camps”. …An estimated 165,000 prisoners died in those re-education camps.

— displaced around 750,000 to over 1 million Southern Vietnamese and forcibly relocated them to uninhabited mountainous forested areas whose conditions were described by French journalist Jean Lacouture as “a prefabricated hell and a place one comes to only if the alternative to it would be death.” It is estimated that between 20,000 and 155,000 Vietnamese died performing hard labor in these “New Economic Zones”.

— An estimated of 200,000-400,000 boat people out of around 2 millions that fled died at sea. There were also a lot of untold miseries, maltreatment, murders and rapes committed by pirates at sea as well as the guards inside the camps.

And that’s not even looking at things like Cambodia’s killing fields, where 1.3 million were executed by their own government.

Proud. She said.

All for the good… she said.

Silent about Harvey Weinstein… but spoke up for the Communist North Vietnam.

Go figure.

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