Kinda Stinks: Fishy Timing on Release of Mueller Indictments

Written by Andrew Allen on October 30, 2017

The media predictably has gone wall to wall with breathless coverage of the Mueller probe’s first indictment. As of this writing (Saturday October 28th) the indictment could be for anyone and anything. It could be jaywalking charges against some low-level Trump administration functionary. Or it could be something more serious against a name-brand official. The indictment can’t be for charges of collusion. No such offense exists within U.S. Code.

[Editor: Monday AM, details of indictments were relaeased.]

What everyone seems to have missed is the timing of the whole thing.

There are few coincidences in Washington, D.C. Little happens there by chance. Little happens there without a pre-planned strategic agenda. Hence, how about the timing of this first indictment?

Just hours before news of the indictment emerged there were three items dominating media coverage:

– Senators Flake and Corker.

– Uranium One.

– The dossier.

The latter two items were and are potentially very damaging to the Democrat Party generally and Hillary Clinton specifically. Neither are the defensible.

While pundits blather on and on about how eight other federal agencies in addition to Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the Uranium One deal, to date no one has explained why the deal was good for America. If Russia after all represents the dire threat to democracy and our way of life Democrats claim Russia to be, why authorize a deal that gives that threat improved access to U.S. uranium mines? The dossier is equally tricky.

That a campaign and political party would engage in a contract that resulted in a document jam-packed full of fairy tales and smut is one thing. But then that document was used as the basis to issue FISA warrants against potentially more than one thousand Trump-connected individuals. From those warrants intelligence agencies derived information that was later unmasked en masse. Then, in January, James Comey presented the dossier to President-elect Donald Trump. One wonders how that presentation went down – was it presented as a brief, or as the deep state playing a role only a mafia extortionist could envy.

Is it any wonder Mueller’s first indictment is magically emerging as Uranium One and the dossier hit the fan?

It’s almost as if Mueller’s cabal has collected and stress-tested a repertoire of potential indictments for use whenever the GOP turns up heat. Imagine the possibilities.

This time around, it’s Uranium One and the dossier so Mueller floats an indictment. In November, Virginia holds gubernatorial elections so Mueller floats another to influence turnout in critical northern Virginian (D.C. suburb) counties. There are mid-term elections in 2018 – what indictments might be weaponized for use around this time next year. And think of all that may transpire between now and those mid-terms. With limitless scope and budget, and no constraints or oversight, Mueller is free to produce and weaponize indictments until the next Presidential election season.

Is it a stretch to suggest that this is Mueller’s – and the deep state’s – agenda? Not really. Not when during the past week we learned that in fact the IRS was weaponized and did behave prejudicially against groups that opposed the Obama agenda.

This is what eight years of fundamental transformation have left us with ladies and gentlemen.

photo credit: Shandi-lee washed up via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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