NFL Kneelers Get Jocks Twisted Over VP Pence’s Protest – So We Put ‘Em On FULL BLAST!

Written by K. Walker on October 9, 2017

Here we go with the OUTRAGE!

Vice President Pence decided to leave an NFL game when he saw that players were kneeling during the anthem.

And of course, there is OUTRAGE!

He explained on Twitter:

President Trump weighed in and it was denounced as a ‘political stunt’.

The President is saying that not standing for the anthem is unpatriotic.

From a guy that ran on a platform with the slogan, ‘Make America Great Again’.

Who could foresee that he might be patriotic?

We get it after 8 years with a President constantly making apologies to the international community about the United States, we’ve got to re-adjust.

Of course, President Trump’s response then just sparked more OUTRAGE!

But before we get to that, our very own Doug Giles has some thoughts:

Most of the outrage is completely ridiculous.

Take MSNBC’s guest, Brittney Cooper as a prime example.  Cooper appeared on MSNBC and publicly stated that President Trump and Vice President Pence are ‘white supremacists’. She basically said that ‘white men’ in the name of ‘white supremacy’ are reshaping the narrative and ‘closing ranks’ against minorities.

She says that there is no ‘freedom of speech’ for football players who are opposing an ‘oppressive government’ and that’s the road to fascism.

I swear I’m not making that up.

You can watch the video of her crazy claims here.

Check out what she said. This is directly from the video:

They keep on mischaracterizing the protests. Our flag and our constitution stand for the right of citizens to dissent when they’re being led by oppressive governments. That is how the Americas were created, as form of dissent against the British government and citizens in this country who are vulnerable have the right to take the knee. What is even more appalling is that the president won’t stand up against white supremacists because as Jemele Hill said many weeks ago he’s a white supremacist himself.

I think we should simply say that. I think his record of rhetoric and policy bears that out…When the president does not defend the right of all citizens to express their views in whatever form they have, then what we are on is the path to fascism and it is quite dangerous and everyone should be enraged. I certainly am.

Wowza!  That was almost as nutty as LeBron’s astute commentary on Trump voters:

These NFL protesters are free to protest, — NO ONE disputes that.  We do have some problems with they symbols that they are protesting and that’s because the flag and the anthem are supposed to be symbols of our unity as Americans.  Those are things that we used to all stand for, Republican or Democrat.  The biggest issue that many have with these protests is that the players are doing it on company time.

Owners don’t pay for players to politicize football.

And some owners have had it.

Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, made it clear — stand for the anthem or sit for the game.

Miami Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, has changed his tune on anthem protests.  He once supported the anthem protests.  He said that President Trump made standing for the anthem an issue of patriotism, and if that’s how the country views the protests, the team needs to re-evaluate their stance. He made it mandatory for players to stand for the anthem in Sunday’s game when it was played by a military band.

Source: Daily Mail

You could say it’s the owners stomping on their rights and freedoms, but could you advocate for a political position at your job?  Unless you work in the Media (D) or Hollywood, the answer is probably ‘No’.

Might I suggest that it’s a code of conduct issue?  When those players are wearing the uniform, they represent a brand, and that brand is all about football, not politics.

It isn’t ‘white owners’ punishing ‘black players’.

It’s about protecting their brand.

The fans need to be kept happy because that really is the bottom line — fans are profit and players are overhead.

Players, just like the rest of us, can protest, denounce, or support any issue they like — ON THEIR OWN TIME.

What’s so hard about this?

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