Robo-Think: The Next Evolution of Political Correctness

Written by Allan Erickson on October 18, 2017

One professor says our flag is toilet paper. Another professor urges intellectual cleansing, advancing the notion we must destroy “whiteness ideologues”, echoing another professor from North Carolina who advocates white genocide.

This passes for scholarship today.

Can’t recall the last time I ran into a “whiteness ideologue”. Is that akin to a white supremacist? The last KKK guy I saw was in a wax museum.

This just in: Antifa praises Las Vegas shooter, lauding him for “making those pro-Trump dogs pay.”
Has the world gone mad?

One Leftist proclaimed recently: any NFL player standing for the anthem supports white supremacy! The rules of logic guiding rational inquiry: gone with the wind.

The “don’t-assume-my-gender” crowd sailed past reality long ago. When someone cannot recognize his/her own “junk”, it takes disassociation to new heights of psychosis.

All this is encouraged on campus and has been so for many years. Consequently, media is filled with crazy people saying crazy things 24/7: insanity normalized; abnormality canonized.

It is so crazy we now prosecute 1st graders if they use the wrong pronoun in the presence of a transgender person. It’s to the point people around you squeal “triggered!” if you blink your eyes. Look at someone cross-eyed at the risk of having your head ripped off.

The Left is the repository of all things deviant and deranged. The Left has taken political correctness to the next level: ROBO-think, the hybrid of political correctness.

Instead of merely reacting knee-jerk to the latest fashion in belief and behavior, the politically correct are now mechanized, programmed, manufactured for certain tasks, among them, marching, mouthing slogans, bloodletting and setting fires.

Discussion is over. Conversation is dead. There is no room for debate, reconsideration, or learning. Common courtesy and basic decency are dead. All is settled science. Man-made global warming: a theory beyond reproach. Perversion is principled, pedophilia permissible. Murdering babies is healthcare. Violence across the board, recommended, basic human sympathy, gone.


Antifa: a mob of ROBO-thinkers — “More dead cops!”

In the aftermath of the shooting in Las Vegas, a former CBS exec and current counsel stated this on social media: “I’m actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are Republican gun- toters.” (Hayley Geftman-Gold)

Jimmy Kimmel proclaims Republicans should beg God for forgiveness, because, obviously Las Vegas is their fault given their support of the 2nd Amendment. (Kimmel? Isn’t that what I feed my dog?)

A couple years ago, when the first story broke of a WWII veteran beaten to death, my heart broke for him, and for our country, once an example to the world, now descending to the bottom. Today, thugs beat people near to death if the fast food is too slow. Children are assaulted daily for the crime of being white. Women are abused: feminists bite their tongues. Children are sold into sex slavery: powerful men and women indulge.

Verbal violence, always a precursor to the real thing, openly practiced on television night and day, but Republicans are at fault.


If you cherish faith in the God of love, thanking him for the blessings of liberty, you are labeled an enemy of humankind, a white supremacist racist homophobe Christo-Nazi—deserving crucifixion.

ROBO-think has replaced loving hearts and renewed minds nourished by God. Huge masses of people have become machines, disarmed of reason, stripped of conscience.

A bunch of patriots at a country music concert on a Sunday night, mowed down by a mad man (or men), responding bravely to serve fellow patriots. The Good News? Heroes in Las Vegas attended the wounded and the dying, saved lives while under fire, risked their own lives to evacuate the injured, and shielded people with their own bodies.

Meanwhile, Hollywood and the NFL shield themselves, encouraging and exemplifying ROBO-think.

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Allan Erickson
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