Yo, Jimmy Kimmel: I Watched A Movie Once Where ONLY The Government Had Guns

Written by K. Walker on October 4, 2017

Looks like Chuck Schumer is moonlighting… as a late night ‘comedy’ writer. You’d think so to her Jimmy Kimmel’s monologues, lately.

As though Jimmy Kimmel has some sort of monopoly on grief, he flipped to page one of the Leftist playbook.

Weaponize people’s emotions in service of a cause.

Or, said differently, ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’.


Becuase he was blubbering his way through his monologue, he is supposed to be morally superior to the rest of us. He is more compassionate, or more of an expert than the rest of us.

Probably more of an ‘authority’ than Steve Scalise, too, right? Because Scalise was asked if his views on gun ownership have changed now that his live was nearly taken from him by a would-be assassin.

“You’re part of a club, an unfortunate club, of people who know what it’s like to be shot at,” Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum said to the congressman.

Will that experience change how Scalise thinks or votes?

“I think it’s fortified it,” Scalise said. “We shouldn’t first be thinking of promoting our political agenda. And I think we see too much of that, where people say OK, now you have to have gun control.”

Scalise questioned the effectiveness of bills pushed by Democrats and a handful of Republicans following recent mass shootings, like expanded background checks. Stephen Paddock, the alleged Las Vegas shooter, passed background checks and purchased his guns legally.

“So to promote some kind of gun control, I think, is the wrong way to approach this,” Scalise said. —ABC

But Kimmel –he man who has reportedly just BEEFED UP his own ARMED security — doesn’t want anyone who can’t afford a personal bodyguard to have the same firepower protecting them.

Maybe he should insist that his security only carry billy-clubs and mace.

He wants the ‘regular people’ disarmed. Why would HE care? He’s protected.

What could a big-government advocate like him POSSIBLY have to fear? If Republicans were the evil fascists his party accuses us of being, you’d think he wants us ALL to be armed, just to keep their over-reach in check.

But no, it’s HIS party that uses that over-reach. So the demand for gun control is logically consistent with his demand for big government.

They use EMOTION, rather than logic to move their political agenda. But ‘We’ are the uneducated ones. Listen to how Lebron stumbled his way through calling us uneducated. (Straight to the NBA after high school for you, wasn’t it, Lebron?)


In his monologue, Kimmel chastised the government for letting us have guns and chastised the public for letting our government let us have guns

Does he even realize that having a government arbitrate what we CAN and CANNOT do is not even REMOTELY an American value?

Ben Shapiro explains why Jimmy Kimmel is completely wrong:


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