Age Of Consent: While America Wrestles With Moore Accusations, France Wants To Do THIS To Theirs!

Published on November 15, 2017

Where are all the Feminists NOW? Three guesses what ‘demographic shift’ would be driving this change, too.

America is losing their collective Sh*t over the Moore allegations. The vultures are already circling… and have been from before the more recent and serious allegations.

Much was made even about the time he is said to have gone out with an 18-year-old girl. Even before we had heard some of the more detailed and damning allegations, pundits were ready to throw him under the bus for ‘Four’ scandals.

You will remember that three of those four young ladies were of the age of consent — 16 — at the time.

But this isn’t a story about Moore. This is a story about the legal age of sexual consent.

As it happens, France doesn’t have a Statutory Rape law.

There, unless you can demonstrate that consent was not given, you could be acquitted. That’s exactly what happened in the case of an eleven-year-old girl, and the 22 year old slug who knocked her up, but got acquitted.

So France is setting up a statutory rape law. But they’re setting the age at — wait for it — thirteen.

Seem a little LOW to you? Sure it did. Seemed low to us, too.

And then we remembered the demographic shift in France.

And we remembered a video that Tarek Fatah — a Muslim who wants Islam reformed — posted. And suddenly we’re wondering if this is just one step toward permanently shifting the age of consent not to a fixed age, so much as first mensuration.

Watch this clip and ask us whether we’re over-reacting. This conversation was filmed in Toronto.

And throw this in for good measure.

Are we right to even call it ‘Islamophobia’? Even one Immam openly mocked the ‘Islamophobia’ line.\

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