DEAR MILLENNIALS: Your Grandpa & Grandma Were WAY COOLER Than You

Written by K. Walker on November 17, 2017

You don’t want to admit it, but it’s true. Check it out.

These grandparents were just awesome when they were younger and the young whipper-snappers had better not forget it!

Some of these folks are pretty proud of their grandparents.

You’ll see why when you check out these pics.

‘My Grandma sent me a picture of my Grandpa at my age to make me feel like sh-t.’

This one was captioned, ‘My Great Grandfather gave violin lessons to Einstein’:

This one is of someone’s Granny on the wing of her dad’s cropduster plane:

This picture from the late 60s or early 70s was next to Grandma’s casket at her funeral.

Some of these grandparents were real lookers in their day:

This Grandfather was supercool when he was younger:

Grandpa at 17 in 1947 makes all those soft millennials look like wussies:

This badass grandma wasn’t allowed to join the Air Force because she was a woman, so she taught men to fly in Stephenville, Texas during World War 2:

This photo that looks like it was taken out of a big-budget Hollywood movie was a Grandma after she fled from Communist Bulgaria to Germany:

This Grandma looking cool on her wheels:

Grandpa the day before he shipped out with the Marines in 1941:

Photo of grandpa exiting his plane after being shot down:

This Grandma had a helluva shot, apparently:

Grandpa on his 1957 Triumph Trophy in the early 1960s (he still owns the bike!):

Cool Grandpa in the 1950s on a boat, holding a fish, cigarette dangling, a pack of smokes in his sleeve and a book in his pants:

Some of these Grandpas were so freaking badass that they stole vehicles from Nazis:

And this Granddad stole a motorcycle after American troops liberated him from a concentration camp. He had spent 4 years at various concentration camps around Poland and Germany:

In the early 1920s, this great grandfather was showing off a horse he trained for WW1:

Grandpa in his Navy days:

Grandma in 1959 with the Mercury 7 astronauts:

Waterskiing was a big thing and they were badasses at that, too:

And here:


This grandpa had a pet polar bear:

And he’s not the only one with an unusual pet:

This grandpa befriended a wild fox. Here they are in 1975:

This Grandma is pictured with her favorite lion, Sultan,from her troop. She also flew planes after WWII:

This 1940s pic of Grandpa is freaking awesome:

So many served their country.

Like this Grandma that was a Naval nurse:

This Grandpa was a recruiter for the FBI.  He recruited spies:

This badass Grandpa dove under submarines in the North Atlantic with heavy welding equipment:

This Grandpa diffused a bomb on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s porch:

This Grandpa casually poses for a photo as a nuclear bomb goes off in the distance:

They got to meet famous people.

This Grandma had a chat with Hemmingway in Cuba:

And this one sang backup for Frank Sinatra:

And this grandma kissed Louis Armstrong back in ’54 or ’55:

Dear Hipsters, in 1954, this grandpa had a better beard than you. Here he is after winning the prize for best beard in the county. The prize is his hat:

And don’t forget the awesomely cool couples:

We’ll end with this one captioned, ‘My Grandpa could drink you under the table then kick the sh-t out of you’.

Well, I for one believe it.

There’s just no competition, is there?

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