More Fallout from Obama’s Presidency: Putin’s Russian War Preparation

by Thomas Victor
Clash Daily Contributor

The United Kingdom’s Independent recently reported, “Russian business should be prepared to switch to production to military needs at any time, said Vladimir Putin.”

We find ourselves in this position because Barack Obama cut everything in our military from soup to nuts — and made it public knowledge.

He then proceeded to kiss the behind of every nation on the face of this earth; this has emboldened them all.

Everyone laughed at Reagan’s “Star Wars” missile defense — who’s laughing now? We would be light years ahead.

Peace through strength is the only guarantee! We’re coming back, and if we don’t you can blame the American-hating liberal machine for it all. Apparently, they put their politics above the safety of our nation.

God Bless The USA!

Image: photo credit: rikdom T34 / 85 Tank and light artillery tractor via photopin (license)

Thomas Victor is a husband, father and business owner.

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