Hey ‘Social Justice Warriors’: Is This Guy Allowed In The Ladies’ Washroom?

Is this ‘OK’ now or no? And where do we even draw the line anymore?

Will we just have to throw in the towel and make single-person bathrooms from now on?

A fully-grown heterosexual male walks into a ladies restroom.

He’s neither ‘trans’ nor is he ‘in drag’. He’s a regular dude in the ladies bathroom. Are we ok with this?

Wait — before you answer — there’s another wrinkle to this story.

He’s not even actually USING the toilet himself. No, no. He’s not in there being creepy.

He has a young daughter and he’s helping her navigate the process of using the public washroom.

A mother has sparked a fierce debate after revealing her husband takes their daughter into the ladies’ toilets when in public places.
Posting on Mumsnet, she explained how she had told him ‘women don’t like that’, arguing that he should take their four-year-old into the men’s toilets.
Some members of the parenting forum agreed, saying ‘adult men should never be in women’s toilets’, while others had more sympathy and said they could understand why he wouldn’t want to take her to the men’s loos.
Several people suggested he should take her to the disabled toilet instead, sparking anger about whether this is appropriate or not.
Source: MailOnline

They’re outraged if he’s a man escorting his very young daughter.

But they’d be fine if it was a pre-op dude in a dress? Even if he was attracted to girls?

What’s the difference? How come one is ‘fine’ and the other is ‘creepy’?

And they want him to take his girl to the disabled toilet instead?

Isn’t that appropriating a DIFFERENT washroom he’s got no business being in, and disadvantaging the ACTUAL people who need wheelchair-accessible washrooms?

Isn’t that a little inconsistent?

…One wrote: ‘Your DH[darling husband] is bang out of order. Adult men should never be in the women toilets. If I saw him I’d report him to whichever establishment I was in’.
Another added: ‘My dh would never to do this and I have not once saw any man do it. I personally thing it is bizarre that he thinks he has nay right to enter womens toilets’.
Source: MailOnline

As for the suggestion of taking his dd (dearest daughter) to the men’s room?

One responder said:

Share if they should have known this issue was coming, eventually.

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