LaVar Ball BLASTS Trump Again, Refuses To Thank Him, In A Weird AF Interview

Written by K. Walker on November 21, 2017

This interview is the convergence of unreal, sad, and hilarious. You NEED to see it.

LaVar Bell seems to have forgotten about Otto Warmbier — the sad case of the student that came back from North Korea.

If only Obama had acted for Otto Warmbier.

I’m sure that Otto’s father Fred would have said ‘Thank you’.

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Oh, wait… he did from around the 1:00 mark:

That’s not what LaVar Ball is doing.

Check out Doug’s video on good ol’ LaVar:

His son was one of three UCLA basketball players that went on a crime spree stealing from 3 stores near their hotel during a 90-minute break. The only reported stolen item was a pair of Luis Vuitton sunglasses that was found among the possessions of one of the boys.

According to the Luis Vuitton website, their shades run between $435-$1990 US.

This wasn’t just pinching a candy bar and a soda.

The three boys thanked President Trump for speaking with China’s President Xi to have them return home.

LaVar hasn’t.

And he refuses to.

He’s been disrespectful to the President and has refused to acknowledge his role in the release of the boys.

The outspoken father of LiAngelo Ball, one of three UCLA basketball players arrested in China accused of shoplifting earlier this month, questioned what Trump did to free the trio when he appeared on CNN Tonight on Monday.

In an interview that quickly derailed despite the best efforts of host Chris Cuomo, Ball once again declined to thank Trump.

‘What did he [Trump] do for my son?’ Ball asked Cuomo. ‘I don’t have to go around thanking everybody. I don’t have to go around thanking everybody.’

Ok, everyone, we’ve got to do what LaVar said and ‘listen very slowly‘.

Perhaps it would help to have a little background on this nutcase.

LaVar is a pretty arrogant jerk, really.

And an absolutely shameless self-promoter. He has three sons that play basketball, so he created a shoe company, Big Baller Brand, and uses his kids to hawk his wares. So much for the big endorsement deals from big names like Nike or Reebok for the Ball kids.

Sounds like a real winner, right?

It gets better. Or worse, depending on your perspective.

LaVar talks a lot of smack. He’s said that his shoplifter of a son is a better ball player than Stephen Curry, and that he — LaVar — could take on Michael Jordan one-on-one.

Watch him practically give Stephen A. Smith a heart attack here with his B.S.:

Yeah… that’s what we’re dealing with.

Appearing on ESPN, Ball said: ‘What was [Trump] over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.’

Trump was not happy with the lack of gratitude, tweeting that he should have left the three teens in jail and that Ball was ‘very ungrateful’.

All three UCLA players – who have been suspended indefinitely – thanked Trump for his efforts during their on-campus news conference Wednesday.

LaVar actually said this to Chris Cuomo:

‘I’m not the other two boys,’ Ball replied. ‘Did you thank the doctor for bringing you into this world? I’m not just saying thank you to everybody for nothing.’

And it got worse!

During the bizarre interview Monday, Ball and Cuomo quickly fell into a back-and-forth argument about why Ball wouldn’t thank the president.

‘We’re not even talking about the other two kids,’ Ball said.

‘We’re talking about your son because of what you said,’ Cuomo replied. He continued to press, asking: ‘Why won’t you thank him? Your son thanked him, the other two boys did.’
Source: Daily Mail

Chris Cuomo appears to be a rational human being compared to the nonsense spewed by LaVar Ball.

Watch the sh-t show:

That. Was. Unreal.

Twitter had some great responses:

My friends, do not be a LaVar.

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