Why Is The Professional Media Failing To Ask These Questions About Roy Moore Accusations?

Written by Andrew Allen on November 16, 2017

Remember Black Sabbath? Legendary heavy metal pioneers and all that. It’s hard to imagine them in the 1970s when their music was far removed from mainstream. Back then, as was common with many artists, someone decided they needed a hit single. Thus the song “Am I Going Insane” was recorded and then released in 1975 in an attempt to mainstream Black Sabbath.

These days, I know it isn’t me that’s going insane but I certainly wonder about everyone else.
I mean, we’re living in a time in which Taylor Swift just sued some dude for grabbing her ass and then she performs pseudo-naked in her own music video. Yes, women have rights. But how do you go from suing some nobody for allegedly grabbing your glute, and then be as naked as possible in a music video?

And that leads us to Roy Moore.

The talking clowns we call the media have tossed out accusations but haven’t answered key questions:
– What were mom and dad saying on the telephone when then 30-plus year old Roy Moore was calling for their daughter? I know it’s vogue to imagine that now and the 1970s were exactly alike so let’s all don our t-shirts bearing the word “Hawaii” and the number “80” but the 1970s and today are different. I was there in the 1970s. We did not have cell phones. Most families did not have more than one phone line. That means Moore, if he was really calling this underage girls, would have eventually reached mom or dad. What did mom or dad say and why aren’t they saying anything now?

– How come the diner that Moore allegedly drove behind and in between dumpsters to try and rape a woman actually has no parking lot behind it?

– Why is it that the aforementioned woman who claimed she hadn’t seen Moore since the 1970s conveniently forgot that he presided over her divorce in 1999?

– And the yearbook. Who signs a yearbook in December? Are yearbooks issued in December? Moore by the way wasn’t District Attorney in 1977 so it wouldn’t make sense for him to sign it “DA”. However, he apparently had an assistant named Delbert Adams at one point. Adams may have been around in 1999 for the aforementioned divorce proceedings. Is it possible “DA” means Delbert Adams and the divorce decree was signed in December of 1999?

Am I going insane? No, I am not. And neither are you if you to date are dissatisfied with the media and their total incompetence in addressing the above questions.

Keep in mind, I’m a freelance commentator kind of guy. The media is PAID to dig into stuff like this. They ought to be all over the above questions and even more but they aren’t!

Why? They’ve gone insane.

Image: Screen Shot; Excerpted from: Fox News; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwLGuwGok2U

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Andrew Allen
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