Question: Are Secular Leftists As ‘Compassionate’ As They Claim To Be?

Written by Allan Erickson on November 2, 2017

My European enemy writes:

You have a right to believe. You do not have a right to impose your beliefs on me. I do not have a right to impose my beliefs on you but I do have a right to try and stop the incursion of backward beliefs being put into practice.

My reply:

You deny my right to believe by forcing me to submit to your sinful policies: redefining marriage, contradicting God on matters of morality, endorsing abortion and the selling of baby parts, making man a god working through oppressive government!

You reference “backward beliefs!” You reveal your arrogance, and your presumption! You assume a right to impose.

Assuming some belief “backward” gives you permission to attack it and destroy it, as if you can conquer Christ! Better than you have tried defeating Him for 2,000 years, and He wins every time. You’d think history would teach you a lesson.

We impose on no one. We invite consideration.

Your ideology is only advanced through threats and actual violence, demanding conformity.

If you want to live in an atheistic communist state, go create one. Why do you think you have a right to destroy our Judeo-Christian republic and replace it with your atheistic communism? By what authority do you presume a right to do so? You have no right. You have no authority. This is the truth of the matter.


And you do the same not allowing Women to have a right to choose, or people to love the person they love, or enabling discrimination based on Archaic beliefs. Interpreting the constitution like the Taliban interpret their Koran, etc., etc. and trying to legislate the relationship between a doctor and his patient, etc.


ObamaCare legislates the doctor/patient relationship.

No one has a right to murder another person, even if it is in the name of birth control and convenience.

Homosexuality is unhealthy, and especially devastating to its practitioners. It is not outlawed but it is discouraged because it is unhealthy, for adults, and especially for kids. It encourages moral and sexual anarchy, destructive to the family and to society. Hollywood’s revelations ought to instruct the wise. You can either face facts or drink the Kool Aid, leading to moral bankruptcy, and ruined lives.

ObamaCare hurts people. Abortion hurts people. Homosexuality hurts people.

If you say you love people and encourage them in destructive lifestyles, you are a liar, not a lover.

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Allan Erickson
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