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Raiders Vs. Bronco Brawl Turns Into TOTAL CHAOS – The NFL’s Got A Major PR Problem

And — would you believe — the announcer (accidentally) dropped a truth bomb in the middle of it.

Bad blood from an earlier confrontation boiled over into a full-on brawl where he even took a swing at a guy in a helmet.

If this keeps up we’ll have to update all those ‘went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out’ jokes.

The scrum left flags flying like confetti…

…a ref on the ground, holding his ribs…

Here’s how it all started.

And it escalated from there. Eventually leading to Crabtree taking a swing at Bronco’s Aqib Talib. Who was wearing a helmet…

(Because punching a helmet is always a great idea.)

But then again… if you’re ‘man enough’ to throw that first punch, at least take your helmet off, right? (Have these guys learned nothing from the NHL?)

And, naturally, there was general mayhem on the field.

When Crabtree took that swing, the guy calling the game made a statement that should make the entire league sit up and take notice. (Or would, if they weren’t so damned dense.)

Becuase it’s EXACTLY what the whole league needs to hear today.

It was right in the midst of his commenting about the scuffle.

Crabtree threw a punch, and you hear the announcer say the following.

This is crazy. Now you’re going to get ejected from the game. This is just selfish. When your own self-interest are more important than the team then you put yourself and your team at risk. And that’s just. That’s terrible. You just can’t do it. You gotta exercise some self-control.

Did you catch that?

When your own self-interest are more important than the team then you put yourself and your team at risk.

Well, hello Logic. Nice of you to finally make an appearance at the NFL. Will anyone draw a connection between that statement and say… this?

The NFL Attempts SNEAKY BS Against Our Anthem – Trump DESTROYS Them With 6 Words

Or This?

MORE NFL BS: Military Hero Sings Anthem On Thanksgiving Day As This Giants Player Throws Fit

Nah. Probably not.

At this rate, the league will crash and burn before they figure out what they have to do to save it. And by then? Well…

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