If the Republicans Can’t Get It Done, Maybe They Should Just Quit

Published on November 9, 2017

by Thomas Victor
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Most voters believe what they read and hear. The power of Media: “Perception is reality”. Pretty much all forms of media are run and controlled by the far left, including all social media forums, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s not even close and social media have full time staff that scrub these forums of all negative material against powerful liberal Democrats.

Example, I searched “racist comments made by Obama” and it returns racist comments by Trump or racist comments made about Obama. Republicans can cry all they want about liberal media and this unfair reality, but it won’t change a thing. Those running the media don’t care! We need another FOX and some really wealthy conservatives to counterbalance what’s going on. It’s really bad!

You know, I thought bad weather during Tuesday’s elections would help Republicans and it usually does. It turns out that the Democrats had massive turn out; that’s not good.

To make matters worse, it seems the best Trump can do right now is some half-assed, baloney tax cuts that are almost immeasurable for the Middle Class. Not only are they minuscule cuts, they totally discriminate against the people who actually pay the bulk of all income taxes?

Now the Dems have the Republicans right where they want them: they’re going to hike taxes on the rich or give bigger tax cuts to the middle class and take all the credit for it! You can’t make this stuff up, the party of tax-everyone-and-everything will get Trumps tax cuts done for him.

If that doesn’t happen, Republicans will just implode on this, too! We really don’t deserve to have all this power, it’s a joke. Either have the balls go big with TAX CUTS FOR ALL; or just quit, Republicans, seriously just quit!

photo credit: Excertped from: jeffdjevdet Quit Scrabble via photopin (license)

Thomas Victor is a husband, father and business owner.

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