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SUPER CHICK: What This Arby’s Girl Did To Robber Is The Stuff Of Movies!

This chick is BADASS and we love it!

A Michigan woman thwarted a robbery in a way that was absolutely Hollywood-worthy.

It was supposed to be a normal workday for this Arby’s director of operations, but things went south quickly at the very start of the day on Monday.

An employee at a Michigan Arby’s started her work week with a bang when she chased down a would-be robber and held him an gunpoint until police arrived to arrest him.

Marcia Rabideau, the director of operations at the fast-food franchise located on Van Dyke Road in Sterling Heights, was at work at 9am on Monday when one of her managers came knocking on the door, yelling that a man who was allegedly armed with a gun had fled with the eatery’s deposits reported

What would you do?

I’ll bet it wouldn’t have been this awesome:

Acting on an instinct, Rabideau, 47, who is married to the St Charles Village police chief, jumped into her Dodge Charger and gave chase.

The married mother-of-two followed the suspect and eventually cornered him at a river bank.
At that point, as she later recounted on her Facebook page, Rabideau pulled out her Glock 9mm pistol and trained it on the hapless thief.

And it just gets better!

Look at what Rabideau wrote in the comments section:

‘There was no way in hell I was going to allow this cat to get away with all of our deposits,’ the woman wrote in the comments section. ‘The suspect tried reaching for his gun but I told him if he lowered his f***ing hands again that I would shoot him dead and I meant it!!!! He stood in the river bank with his hands above his head until the fuzz arrived!’

Police caught the getaway driver who had fled the scene in a stolen car. There was a one-year-old baby inside the vehicle, but the child was unharmed and returned to her mother. The stolen money was also returned to the Sterling Heights Arby’s.

Neither suspect was found to be carrying a weapon, but police believe that the robber had used the threat of a weapon to frighten the Arby’s employees into compliance. Despite not finding weapons on either suspect, they have both been charged with armed robbery.

Way to go, Marcia Rabideau!

A responsible gun owner protecting people and property from bad guys.

That’s exactly how it should be.

We tip our hat to you, madam!

We need more girls raised like this!’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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We need to raise our girls to Do Epic Sh-t, just like this lady did.

Why be normal? It’s so overrated.

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