Ten Questions The Media Isn’t Asking About Judge Moore

Written by Andrew Allen on November 24, 2017

Here’s the questions the media isn’t asking, which means you should be, about the Roy Moore allegations:
1. If then 30-something year-old Roy Moore was calling a 14-year-old’s house, what were the girl’s mom and dad saying when they picked up the phone?

2. How come the yearbook signature ink is so dark and the accompanying entry isn’t?

3. How come the yearbook is signed “D.A.” when Moore wasn’t District Attorney in 1977?

4. Why would Moore – or anyone else – have signed the yearbook in December regardless of year?

5. The diner in which Moore allegedly attempted rape doesn’t have a parking lot behind it, so how did he drive a car back there?

6. Two Washington Post reporters spent two weeks in Alabama to find Moore accusers and bring their stories to light. What exactly did they do during those two weeks in Alabama?

7. How much did the Washington Post pay for the two reporters to travel to Alabama and does the expense match the cost of air fare, rental cars, hotel rooms, meals, etc.?

8. One of Moore’s accusers says she only saw him during their encounter back in the 1970s yet he presided over her divorce case in the 1990s. Why the discrepancy in her story?

9. Why won’t they release the yearbook for scientific testing of the ink?

10. What political party was Roy Moore a member of during the time frame the alleged incidents took place and up until 1992?

Image: By Roy Moore . for Senate – https://www.roymoore.org, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/

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Andrew Allen
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