Trump THUMPS Goodell And The NFL Again In BLISTERING Twitter Rant

The NFL keeps making dumb choices, and Trump keeps hammering them.
And he’s clearly enjoying himself while doing it.

It was Thanksgiving day.

It used to be a day where people ate turkey and watched football.

Not this year.

Americans have been turning their backs on the NFL en masse.

And the league has brought it on themselves.

In response to this event:

Trump replied with a retweet.

It’s as simple as cause & effect.

It’s why our shirts are so popular.

You can send them a message — wear one proudly.

If you wanted to really turn the knife, you could even make it personal — take a photo of yourself wearing it and tag Goodell in it. Or some of the kneelers

A shirt that aptly describes the NFL — No Fans Left.

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NFL’s TV ratings are plummeting as more players refuse to stand for the national anthem. It’s hard to believe that a nation that has given these players the opportunity to achieve so much is so easily disrespected. Even worse, consider the men and women who have laid down their lives so that these athletes could live in a relatively safe country and enjoy their fame and fortune.

Hard-working, patriotic Americans don’t want to watch a bunch of whiners play football. They want to watch winners.

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