Uranium Scandal Connected to Another Covered Up Nuclear Incident Courtesy of Russia?

Written by Andrew Allen on November 25, 2017

Remember Chernobyl? Not the movie or the documentary. Actually living through Chernobyl. I remember it.

A song by Sly Fox called “Let’s Go All the Way” was popular back then. The news plotted a projected course of where the radioactive cloud would travel. I’d watch the news and then look at the globe in my bedroom and wonder, would the cloud make it to where we lived in the eastern United States.

There’s a new radioactive cloud hovering over Russia. Not unlike Chernobyl, the Russians denied an accident occurred and have been less than forthcoming as to origins of the cloud. There are clues that suggest a nuclear materials processing plant may have exploded, releasing the cloud into the sky.

Where might Russia have acquired nuclear materials to process in a plant that subsequently exploded and soiled the environment for centuries? One would think the envirowhackos would be all over this.

Uranium One is a likely source of such nuclear material.

Yes, the liberal talking points ramble on and on: There was no way possible any American uranium was exported abroad via the Uranium One deal – even though we all know uranium went to Canada (hint hint, Canada is a foreign country…that means it is “abroad”) and from Canada no one is sure where it headed next.

The Uranium One deal was the best way to control Russian access to nuclear material – even though according to the left Russia is the most dangerous force on this planet in all human history and must be treated as our number one adversary. To date, not a single left-wing hack has hacked up an explanation as to why America’s national interests would have been best represented by giving substantial amounts of our uranium to a power everyone from Hillary Clinton on down as said is evil.

Now, there is a compelling argument that suggests uranium eventually made its way to Iran. There, it is turned into a radioactive compound essential in cancer treatment. Why we’d want to enable Iran to engage in the production of such pharmaceuticals is as mysterious as the notion of giving Russians our uranium. Then again, the Obama administration were the ones that loaded up hard currency and flew it to Iran outside the bounds of federal oversight.

It is conceivable Russia took a cut of that uranium too. And that they were processing it at a plant somewhere deep inside Russia. Then an accident occurred. Now a cloud of nuclear death slowly distributes destruction across a large geographical area – maybe not as large an area as Chernobyl but destructive nonetheless.

Add this to Hillary’s list of achievements. I’d rank it somewhere below her bungling of Benghazi, but certainly above her losing an election despite commandeering an entire political party and its resources.

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Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
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Andrew Allen
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