WATCH: Anti-Trump Loon Gets BUSTED For These Ghoulish Rants

Published on November 12, 2017

Watch this guy and you’ll know why they call it a ‘wild-eyed’ rant. He probably thinks he makes all kinds of sense. Wonder if they’ll let him have a tinfoil hat in prison?

Some people might sorry for this bum because his dear old dad blew his head off. But when you see how casually he throws the phrase ‘killing spree’ around, they won’t feel that way for long.

When you open your online monologue with ‘what good is going on a killing spree going to do, David?’ — followed by an explanation of circumstances in which you think it would ‘a GREAT idea’? The authorities have every reason to get involved.

He is using all the ‘they deserve it’ language, too. Blame-shifting. The ‘artificial construct’ of homelessness. ‘Reckoning.’

He’s decided his own feelings should determine whether random strangers should live or die. And this seems perfectly rational to him.

This is what they mean by ‘if you see something, say something’.

According to the Los Angeles Times, police were contacted by staff members at Soka University in Aliso Viejo, after Smith, a former student sent a faculty member “a link to a YouTube video that showed him sitting with a semiautomatic pistol on his chest talking about the university,” according to the Sheriff’s department. That video was not made public.

David Kenneth Smith has been charged with one felony count of making criminal threats on Monday, a few days after he was arrested by Orange County deputies.

Smith released dozens of YouTube videos about Donald Trump, philosophy, and science fiction reviews. In a video dating to November 1st, Smith posted a bizarre 2-minute rant about the pros and cons of going on a murder spree.
Source: Milo

And before the Left writes him off as some crazy ‘bitter clinger’ — he makes his politics PERFECTLY clear.

He actually says, “Trump is trying to kill us.”

Yet Another preening ‘compassionate’ leftist who thinks human life is disposable. What a surprise.

So, let’s recap.

Holding up one of the several guns you own, and declaring that you are ‘pro killing spree’ is perfectly ‘natural’, is it?

But being duly-elected by ‘we the people’, and spiking Obama’s domestic and foreign policy, and replacing it with a Republican one is ‘trying to kill us’. That’s rational, right?

Here’s a little context for ya. This video was put out only days before the carnage in Texas.

If authorities had figured out just what a threat the dope in Texas was BEFORE he was armed and on the move, twenty-six people would still be alive today.

(And the fact that it wasn’t prevented, is a whole OTHER story.)

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