White Liberal Elitists Throw Black Liberal Donna Brazile Under The Bus – Is That ‘Racism?’

Published on November 7, 2017

Now that she’s no longer feeding debate questions to Dear Leader in advance, suddenly she’s disposable.

This is why the Liberal ‘us and them’ game is so corrosive to society.

If you are a ‘person of color’ they LOVE you. Right? Even a wannabe ‘person of color’ who happens to have the right politics. They love”Pocahontas” (Elizabeth Warren). They love Talcum X (Shaun King) who had to call his mom a slut to try to push the claim that — no really — he IS black. And of course, Rachael “race is a social construct” (but I’m still going to be a race-baiter) Dolezal. She sued Howard in 2002 for discrimination ‘because she is a white woman’ but somehow later would run the NAACP. In October 2016 Dolezal legally changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo.

Well, they love you unless you are one of those no-good, low-down slugs who disagree with the party line, and are obviously unfit to be considered one of ‘us’ by the guardians of the clubhouse.

That’s why people like Larry Elder, Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson and other high-profile RIGHT-leaning Personalities.

And God forbid you are someone of special prominence like Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sewell. You get called all sorts of mean names.

Uncle Tom is one of the LEAST cruel names of the bunch.

What happens as soon as you are a liability to the cause?

You don’t need to look any further than Dolezal. By February of this year, Dolezal was on food stamps. Why? She was no longer a useful voice for The Cause. She had become a liability. Dead weight.

And she was thrown overboard by the ‘compassionate’ party. Just like so many unionized blue-collar workers had been forgotten and neglected before her, as they gathered around shiny new ’causes’.

Donna Brazile — having turned on Hillary, and thrown her under the Campaign bus — just received the same treatment herself.

And if she had been treated by the GOP the way she was treated by her fellow Democrats, it would be headline news Just imagine how these quotes would be reported:

She also said she “got sick and tired of people trying to tell me how to spend money” as DNC chair, when she “wasn’t getting a salary. I was basically volunteering my time”.

“I’m not Patsey the slave,” Brazile said, referring to a character in the Oscar-winning film 12 Years a Slave.
Source: The Guardian

Can you imagine if a whistleblower on the Republican side were making claims like this? It would be denounced on every news show as proof of racism.

Which makes you wonder…

Does ‘racism’ rightly describe the Democrats’ harsh treatment of Donna Brazile?

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