WTF? Look What Muslim Boyfriend Did To ‘Girlfriend’ For Refusing to Convert to Islam

Published on November 9, 2017

Paging all Feminists… care to explain THIS away as ‘Islamophobia’, too?

Since 9/11, there has been a constant mantra, that we hear day after day.

Day after day, we are told that Islam is THE Religion of Peace™. Dubya was quick to jump on that train, and Obama’s administration not only doubled down, but shifted national policies to reflect that conviction. Sometimes with disastrous results. (Remember how he loved that Arab Spring?)

Anyone who dares start a sentence with … “But, what about..?” Is written off as an “Islamophobe”.

Anyone who brings up that Jesus was called by His followers the ‘Prince of Peace’ while Mohammed is celebrated by their faithful as the ‘Prophet of the Sword’ is ever so kindly told to shut the eff up. Because ‘tolerance’. Or something.

Keep those things in mind as we read THIS news story.

Chayanika Kumari (30) was strangled to death by her alleged boyfriend Mirza Rafiqul Haque, a doctor by profession, for refusing to convert to Islam and marry him. After murdering Chayanika, Haque stuffed her body into a suitcase which he left at the Tata Nagar railway station, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

…Haque arrived in the city on 31 October and rented a room in Hotel Ginger where Chayanika would meet him. After she came over there on 2nd November, he asked her regarding marriage. Reportedly, she once again denied him.

According to Jamshedpur SSP Anoop T Mathew, Haque got angry after getting this response from Chayanika and strangulated her to death. After that, he packed her body in the suitcase and dumped it near Tata Nagar railway station.

Chayanika’s father Arun Kumar said that Haque was pressurizing his daughter to convert and marry him.
Source: HinduPost

Seriously, dude.

The GNR song was supposed to ridiculous… NOT your ‘Plan B’.

Any supposed ‘man’ who murders a girl because he can’t convince her to marry him is not just a gutless loser… he’s exactly the sort of nutless wonder this book nails to the wall.

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