Clash Poll: How Do You Like The ‘Christmas Present’ Cali’s Jerry Brown Gave Illegals?

Published on December 26, 2017

Mr ‘Sanctuary State’ found an interesting way to double down on his year of Anti-Trump ‘resistance’. Merry Christmas, California!

How did you spend YOUR Christmas?

Gathered around the table with family?

Watching delighted children tear paper and ribbons off of packages?

Drinking eggnog and watching Christmas specials?

Maybe helping serve in a kitchen giving dinners to the needy?

Well, California’s Anti-Trumper in Chief found his own way to mark the holiday. Pardoning illegals set for deportation.

Merry Christmas, America!

Forget the stats the DOJ just released about roughly 20% of our Federal Inmates being here illegally. Or the disproportionate role they have on violent crime and the drug trade.

Forget everything we just heard in that Politico piece about Obama turning a blind eye as terrorist group Hezbollah hooked up with the international drug trade — including literal boatloads of cocaine shipped into America — to help fund Terror attacks, the IEDs that kill and maim our troops, the nuclearization of Iran, and even Assad’s chemical weapons.

Forget the Hezbollah connections with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s IT guy — the one with all those DNC passwords, who illegally downloaded ‘Terrabytes’ of information.

Brown’s instinct is that ‘nobody is illegal’. And so he will ‘stick it’ to those of us who still give a damn about law and order.

Escalating the state’s showdown with the Trump administration over illegal immigration, California Gov. Jerry Brown used a Christmas holiday tradition to grant pardons Saturday to two men who were on the verge of being deported for committing crimes while in the U.S.

Brown, pairing his state’s combative approach to federal immigration authorities with his belief in the power of redemption, characterized the pardons as acts of mercy.
Source: Sacbee

Brown has ‘millions’ to spend on defying federal law.

Does that mean his State no longer needs federal handouts?

Brown defied the White House in October by signing into law so-called “sanctuary state” legislation, placing limitations on state and local law enforcement’s ability to help federal officials enforce immigration violations.

He fortified the state budget with millions more in spending to help mount a range of immigration-related legal challenges, including cases over the ending of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Other cases seek to prevent construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall, and to stop the federal government from withholding public safety grants from localities that don’t expend public resources on immigration enforcement.
Source: Sacbee

Oh, and you remember who California had hired as legal counsel as soon as Trump took office, don’t you? Holder, the first AG to be held in Contempt of Congress.

So you know where they’re coming from, politically.

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