A Dangerous Book Review: ‘FATWA: Hunted in America’ by Pamela Geller

Written by S.C. Sherman on December 30, 2017

In 1988 I was a young man learning about the world. It was the first time I ever realized the danger that can come with being a writer. That realization came shortly after the release of Salman Rushdie’s book titled, The Satanic Verses. He was promptly sent into hiding as a million-dollar bounty was placed on his head for his words. I’d never heard of him and I never read his book. In my midwestern world, I’d never seen or met a Muslim and definitely never heard words like “Fatwa” and “Jihad”.

I quickly gathered that Rushdie’s book insulted Islam and Mohammed enough that the Ayatollah of Iran had called for his death. The call for Rushdie’s death and the Iranian bounty on his head was all over the press which consisted of three network channels at that time, national and local newspapers, and monthly magazines.

This was also the first time I began to realize that not all religions are the same, no matter what liberals want you to think.

How did I know this? Midwestern common sense. That very same year, 1988, the Martin Scorsese film titled, The Last Temptation of Christ had released right alongside Mr. Rushdie’s book. It was roundly criticized as outright blasphemy by all Christian leaders of the day. It quite literally took aim at Jesus’ message and his entire identity in a graphically insulting way.

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Despite Christ being reduced on screen in all carnal ways, no bounty was placed on Martin Scorsese’s head. The pope didn’t put a bounty on the director’s head. No Christian crusade or call to arms to murder Scorsese and his family. Nothing really happened other than lots of arguing. Mr. Scorsese didn’t go into hiding or change his identity. Quite the contrary. He was famous, even more after insulting Christianity. No matter how outraged Christians were, he was allowed to live without fear of reprisal. Christian’s are funny that way. (See Forgiveness)

Thanks to Mr. Rushdie it was painfully obvious to all the world that the same courtesy did not apply in the case of Islam. The message was loud and clear.

Verbally attack or insult Islam and you face a death sentence.

This message is still true today if not more so. It’s so terrifying that most people wouldn’t dare to insult Islam or Allah.

Pamela Geller is not one of those people.

Love her or hate her, she is brave and outspoken. She says the things she has found to be true about Islam, Shariah Law, and violence inherent to what she would call a theocratic death cult. Her words are bold and without fear of reprisal. She is quite literally a voice crying in the wilderness. Her latest book, FATWA: Hunted in America, is her own story of the journey that has turned a sweet Jewish girl from Long Island into a warrior for justice and the voice of a worried nation in the face of Islamization.

Pamela Geller’s book is as entertaining as it is terrifying. It is a harbinger of dark times ahead for America and the world at large as the violence that is interwoven into Islamic ideology slams headlong into western culture.

We all know the violence is there. From Salman Rushdie to Pamela Geller we know it’s there. I recently wrote a novel titled, Lone Wolf Canyon, and in it my “bad guys” are Islamic terrorists running a training camp inside America. That reality has made my parents and wife very nervous that I would face violent reprisals for the insults contained in my fiction novel. The track record of Islam justifies their fears.

Me simply agreeing to write this review of Pamela’s new book caused a pause and deep breath.

Why is that? Because we all secretly know the truth. Saying anything against Islam can get you threatened or even killed. Standing next to a lightning rod like Pamela Geller can be dangerous, because she is not criticizing Christianity or Judaism…she’s pulling no punches when it comes to the dangerous truth hidden in Islam.

In her book, Fatwa: Hunted in America, Pamela prints some of the “nice” things said about her by the American media. You can only imagine how she is viewed in the Middle East.

Here are a few of the best ones:
“The most dangerous woman in America” – The Review, Independent
“Shrieking bigot…lunatic racist” – The Atlantic
“One of America’s preeminent Islamaphobes” – Village Voice
“Incendiary” – Washington Post

And my personal favorite.
“Every time I see her on television, I want to take a shower” – Geraldo Rivera

Well, no matter why Geraldo wants to take a shower, Ms. Geller is facing threat of death every day for speaking out about an ever-growing threat of violence in our world.

On May 5th, 2015, ISIS issued a FATWA calling for the death of Pamela Geller. In that FATWA they call her a pig and beg for any one of their “Lions” around the world to slaughter her claiming it will heal their hearts and terrify those around her. They also claim it will show how easily they are willing to give their lives for Allah.

Geller’s offence? Speaking unwelcome truths and exercising her free speech rights. I would whole-heartedly suggest you get her book and read it if you would like a glimpse into just how insidious what we face as a nation is. She lays out her career in a way that shines a light on the darkness seeping into to every nook and cranny of society.

She explains the costs that come with fighting for the truth and exercising your freedom of speech in the age of Jihad. She explains how the jihadists use fear to control the masses much like the Nazis used it during the runup just prior World War II. Her book FATWA explains how violent Islamist’s have infiltrated American culture and use the media as a tool to shape the thinking of the average citizen and bring down the natural defenses.

Geller’s raucous book culminates with a call to action in a time when Americanism, freedom, and individual rights are under attack and literally deemed hateful. We are not without hope. Her life story is an example of just how much one person can accomplish in the face of a world seemingly stacked against you.

I recommend Geller’s tale simply as a counterbalance to what the media feeds you every day.

FATWA: Hunted in America, is an eye-opening playbook on the importance of fighting for our freedoms before it’s too late.

Image: Excerpted from: Screen Shot: https://pamelageller.com/2017/10/fatwa-get-it.html/

S.C. Sherman
S.C. Sherman grew up a farm kid in rural Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communications Studies. Steve is a business owner, and recently ran for Iowa State House of Representatives.. S.C. enjoys political commentary and great stories. He has written three fiction novels found at scsherman.com. He currently lives with his wife and four children in North Liberty, Iowa.


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