Gun Rights: The Top Five Stories of 2017

Written by Rob Morse on December 28, 2017

Each year I write up my year-in-review for gun owners between Christmas and New Years. Here is my friend Mark Walter’s take on the top five stories for gun rights in 2017. Limiting himself to the top five, Mark confined his selection to national news. Mark gives reasons for his selections. Give him a read. (RM)

The mass murder in Las Vegas
Removing social security recipients with a fiduciary payee from being disqualified from owning guns
The Wrenn vs DC court case that gave concealed carry rights to the citizens of Washington, DC
House Resolution 38 that legislated national recognition of concealed carry licensing
The Senate confirmation of US Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch
The election and inauguration of Donald Trump
Read him here- Mark Walters Top Five Gun Rights Stories 2017

Mark was kind enough to have me on his Armed American Radio program earlier this week.

Image: Excerpted from: Aldaron — Aldaron, a.k.a. Aldaron – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,