There’s A New Strain Of Weed Named ‘Monica Lewinsky’ – What Type Of Drug Would You Name ‘Hillary Clinton’?

Published on December 23, 2017

Would we take a poke at someone we ‘esteem so highly’ as Hillary? Goodness, no. And neither would our readers, right?

That would be beneath our dignity, or something.

That would be crass. Almost like — using an intern as a humidor.

Good luck getting that image out of your head. Don’t blame me, blame Bill. And the mysterious definition of ‘is’.

Poor Monica. They aren’t letting her get on with her life, but somehow Bill gets a pass.

She gets a drug named after her, and Bill gets half-million dollar speaking fees from Putin and co. Hardly seems fair.

Should Hillary have a drug named after her, too?

If so, what drug?

Maybe PCP, because it can make you a ‘super predator’?

Nope. Media flunkies can carry water for her all they like, we still haven’t forgotten Hillary said that.

Should they name some strain of pot after her?

I dunno. Is there one that leaves your naked ambition unchecked, but makes you so lethargic, and weakened from coughing that you can’t drag your sorry ass to campaign in Wisconsin? That one.

Or, since everything about the 2016 election is somebody else’s’ fault, maybe something known for side effects of paranoia.

So many possibilities.

How about heroin? Or Cocaine? Becuase she and Obama were such good friends to the Illegal Mexican immigration, as well as blandly letting Hezbollah run shipments of drugs by the literal ton into America?

Krocodil — because it turns you into a zombie, like so many of her voters? (And it causes… wait for it… pneumonia).

Meth? They call it glass, don’t they? You could make a play on ‘glass ceiling’.

If it were her husband, it’s a no-brainer. Since he ‘didn’t inhale’ when he was smoking pot before, (sure, we all believe that…) how about the ‘other’ obvious choice for a rapey little horn-dog like himself. MDMA.

Or maybe we missed an obvious one.

Any suggestions?

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