WATCH: Body Cam CAPTURES NFL Clown’s DISGUSTING Anti-Cop Tirade – #BoycottNFL

Written by K. Walker on December 15, 2017

THIS is the kind of guy that the NFL thinks deserves the big bucks? No thanks.

Malik McDowell, the Moneypit rookie signed by the Seattle Seahawks was arrested on Sunday for disorderly conduct. He launched a foul-mouthed tirade against cops and justified his actions because he’s so bloody rich, you see.

That makes him better than the cops.

Because he can throw a ball and run.


McDowell has yet to play for the Seahawks after being drafted in 2017 in the 2nd round — 35th overall. The Seahawks signed him to a four-year $6.95 million contract with $4.4 million guaranteed and a signing bonus of $3.19 million.

In July, McDowell suffered a concussion from an ATV accident that has left him unable to play, but well enough to party and cash his big, fat cheques.

If history is any indicator, the NFL will stand by McDowell’s ‘freedom of speech’ in his nasty rant.

Don’t believe me? Doug gives some great examples of the NFL nonsense ‘free speech’ double standards here:

At around 2.21am, the athlete allegedly shouted at a security guard that he had already paid $600. However staff claim he hadn’t given them any cash.

According to an incident report filed by the Chamblee Police Department and first reported on by TMZ Sports, security allowed him back in before kicking him out again.

ClashDaily has a report on the arrest here:

DISGUSTING: NFL Clown Launches Insane Tirade Against COPS – Another Out Of Control PUNK

An officer said that McDowell poured out a couple of bottles of alcohol while inside the lounge.

Officers attempted to get the player into the back of a police car due to his disorderly conduct.

That’s when the tirade began. McDowell, in a foul-mouthed hurricane of words, justified his behavior because he ‘pays $1 million in taxes’.

In the body camera video documenting McDowell’s arrest, which was also obtained by WILX, the 21-year-old NFL player justifies the verbal abuse directed at the cops by boasting about his prosperity.

‘B***h, I got money, that’s why I can talk s**t…you’ll be a broke b***h for the rest of your life,’ he rants. ‘B***h, I got lawyer money…I’m rich, b***h, dumbass n***er…I got a lot of f***ing money, you brokea** n***res.’

It went on and on.

When one of the officers asks McDowell if he’s calling the female officer a b***h, the 6’6″ McDowell yelled back that he did indeed.

He could do it if he wanted to because he’s so stinkin’ rich.

‘I paid a million in taxes this f***ing year. If I wanna call that b***h a b***h, I can,’ he tells the male officer, referring to his female partner. ‘Yes, I can. If I wanna call every officer a b***h, I can.’

But the officer seems unconvinced by McDowell’s argument and points out that he paid his taxes in Seattle, not in the City of Chamblee.

‘We didn’t get paid on that – Seattle police did,’ the cops maintains. ‘We’ve been paid off City of Chamblee taxes. You can go to Seattle and call everybody you want a b***h.’

Once he is brought to the police station, McDowell insists that he did nothing unlawful, arguing that his calling an officer ‘a b***h’ does not merit a disorderly conduct charge.
Source: Daily Mail

What a classy guy.


The Seattle Seahawks are keeping this guy on their payroll.

Perhaps the upper management of the Seahawks organization should be checked for concussions, too.

Yo, NFL, is Malik McDowell the kind of moral guide that America needs?

No thanks.

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