This Girl’s Instincts To DUMP Her ‘Boyfriend’ Were SPOT On!

Published on December 2, 2017

And you thought YOUR ex was bad. Breakups can be tough, sure, but nothing excuses what this guy did.

It only proves that her instincts to dump with him were more than justified.

Boynton Beach police on Friday released surveillance video and hundreds of pages of documents into their investigation into a PBSO deputy accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend before turning the gun on himself.
Source: WPBF

The victim, Yuly Solano, was out walking her dog, when her ex, Michael DeMarco approached her while on-duty.

The video, if you’re interested, shows the confrontation right up to the point where he raises the gun.

Deputy Michael Demarco can be seen sitting in his unmarked police car and gets out of the vehicle as she walks by.
Demarco then pulls his gun and shoots Solano three times before committing suicide.
Solano survived the attack.
Source: WPBF

The transcripts have him whining that she ‘treats him worse than the dog’. What a loser. And it turns out that was still better than he deserved.

She survived, and her attacker is dead.

Well, at least this horror story has a silver lining.

She told police she had recently broken up with Demarco because of his “possessiveness and jealousy.”
She said Demarco had filed a lawsuit against her trying to reclaim furniture he had bought when they were together.
Source: WPBF

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