Watch: Vanity Fair Angers Liberals With Their Video Mocking Hillary

Written by K. Walker on December 27, 2017

Did that say Vanity Fair? Don’t you just love it when the left eats their own?

Leftists are freaking out about a video posted by Vanity Fair on Twitter.

The video shows several editors sipping champagne and making mildly joking suggesting that Hillary adopt 6 New Year’s resolutions that all sum up to not running in 2020.

Or ever again.

The left has lost their minds because of it.

They’re still #WithHer, apparently.

The biggest point of contention was suggesting that Hillary take up knitting.


There was so much outrage that leftists are canceling their subscriptions to Vanity Fair.

Check out some of the Twitter rage:

Peter Daou, Hillary’s former campaign advisor for her failed 2008 bid, was pushing canceling Vanity Fair subscriptions in a flurry of tweets:

How long before someone said it was because of ‘misogyny’?  About two seconds:

And ‘white privilege’ — about four seconds:

Not everyone was outraged, though.

Like this associate editor for Reason that covers ‘sex policy’, ‘gender’, and ‘politics’:

Why suggest that Hillary fade quietly in the background when her poll numbers are really low?

From the Democrat lackeys at CNN:

Gallup: Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating hits new low

The poll showed 36% of respondents rated Clinton favorably compared to 61% who rated her unfavorably, which is a new high for that measure. Gallup said this beat out her previous low of 38% at the outset of the general election last year and in 1992 when she was not yet a household name.

Gallup’s poll marked a five-point drop in the former secretary of state’s favorability rating since June, when a poll of national adults showed 41% rated her favorably. Clinton’s favorable rating reached a high-point in Gallup polling late into her husband’s presidency and around her tenure as secretary of state.
Source: CNN

Sure, President Trump’s numbers aren’t so great, but he’s fighting a biased Media (D) that gives him approximately 5 percent positive coverage.

If the Media (D) actually covered his accomplishments, his numbers would be higher.

Despite this, President Trump’s favorability is still higher than Hillary’s.

Leftists just haven’t figured out why Hillary’s so unbelievably unpopular.

They make her into some sort of celestial being.

Well, we don’t think that’s precisely true…

Hillary just might be ‘The Beast’ from the Book of Revelation.

If you think so, have we got the shirt for you.
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