Do Women Need More Government to Protect Them?

Written by Kenn Daily on December 18, 2017

ESPN a pit of sexism, hostility toward women: report
“Culture of hostility,” Fox News reported.

What exactly does that entail?

Here’s my mansplanation:

For the record: I’ve worked numerous secular jobs. I’ve experienced abject hostility from over-the-top obnoxious women — from supervisors to hourly workers.

Is that what they are referring to when they say, “culture of hostility”?

Thirty years ago I found a job at a Subway sandwich shop to make ends meet. The manager was a female Tasmanian Devil whose management style was “abuse and scream”. So I quit and fired off a letter to the owner. A female co-worker verified the complaint and the devil’s employment was terminated.

Is that a culture of hostility?

In fact, most women I’ve worked with and worked for were sailor-blushing, foul-mouthed a-holes.

It’s a culture of hostility.

And it’s not confined to the workplace.

During my fourteen years in the ministry (twelve as a pastor), I was exposed to the most diabolical, vitriol-fueled females this side of Hades; not to mention the scowling, tongue-wagging neighborhood Nazi.

So, concerning this “culture of hostility”…

I conclude that few women are the sugar-and-spice snowflakes that command strong authoritarian government regulations to protect them from man-spreading, mansplaining co-workers.

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