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Breaking: New Text Messages From Trump Hating FBI Goons Mention A ‘Secret Society’

When you cross a secret society and police powers, you’ve got the KGB. Which is NOT who you want wielding power in our Justice Department.

Maybe THIS is why people are calling the current scandal ‘worse than Watergate’.

“The day after the election, the day after what they really, really didn’t want to have happen, there’s a text exchange between [Strzok and Page] … saying, ‘Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society,'” Gowdy said. “So, of course I’m going to want to know: What ‘secret society’ are you talking about?”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice is doing everything in its power to retrieve the missing text messages and to get to the bottom of what happened.

Source: DailyWire

Here’s an interview where they flesh out their concerns:

The organs of Government were never intended for serving private political interests. They were supposed to serve the broader public interest. And yet, private political interests are exactly what these government officials appear to have been supporting. This Secret Society is the antithesis of the American Experiment.

The deep irony here is that this ‘secret society’ far more resembles the secretive police state than any so-called Russian Collusion they claim to be protecting the public interests from.

This is WHY there have been calls to ‘drain the swamp’.

It looks like they didn’t go nearly far enough when they did this:

HOLY CRAP! Tillerson Just Fired Most Of The 7th Floor

But they were certainly on the right track.

After all, should we REALLY have a ‘shadow-government’? (from the ‘7th Floor’ story mentioned above):

CBS News announced that Rex Tillerson, the new Secretary of State, fired most of the 7th floor policy makers who so famously called themselves the “shadow government”.

Policy will be controlled by the White House, not professional diplomats, CBS stated.

CBS bemoans the loss of the shadow government’s policy-making expertise.

In October of last year, a NY Post story reported that the coterie of State Department officials who called themselves the “shadow government” controlled the release of the Clinton emails. Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy even offered the FBI a quid pro quo for changing the classification of the Clinton emails.

When we see this kind of thing happen in other countries, we have the moral courage to call it by its name: corruption.

Why do we bother to extend special rights and privileges to the press if they aren’t going to live up to any of their responsibilities?

Those rights aren’t given them so they can be the AV department of the political party that is presently on the outside looking in.

Even if that’s how they’ve chosen to squander them.

How about we ask the media who is so ‘hard done by’ by Trump to pretend these missing 50,000 emails were Nixon’s missing minutes of tape.

Prove that we’re wrong about you.

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