Could The Cali Succession Effort Hold The Key To Breaking Libs’ Power Base?

Written by Rob Morse on January 26, 2018

Many people leave California every day. This time, a group has proposed to leave California and take the land with them. This New California is made from the red counties away from the deep blue coast. They are not asking to leave the United States, but rather to return to them. Yes, there are conservatives in California. Millions of them.

To get a sense of size, there are enough registered Republicans and libertarians in California to replace every registered voter in Georgia, or in North Carolina, or in Michigan. That makes these registered Republicans about the tenth largest state in the union. Not all of them would live in New California of course. Many would still live in Old California, but many of them would form a new conservative state that is tired of living under the thumb of the socialis elites in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This illustrates a larger point. Look how the socialists are concentrated onto isolated Democrat islands. That means there are lots of New United States that can be discovered.

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How about a New (and improved) New York, one that leaves NYC and Albany to themselves? We can discover a New Pennsylvania that sheds Philly. A New Illinois would be red and a New Washington would leave SeaTac to drink coffee by themselves. A New Florida released from the Miami area would be bright red indeed, as would a New Colorado.

This exposes a larger issue that both underlies and powers the separationist movement. Today’s liberals rejected a live-and-let-live attitude. Yesterday’s hippies became today’s authoritarians. The “do your own thing” attitude was replaced by the heavy hand of government dicta.

Blue state legislators dictate what to eat, what to drive, where to go, and what to think. The politicians making those decisions are far removed from the people who actually grow food, build products, and supply energy for the rest of us. Those of us in fly-over country also raise our own families and we live under a budget. That is something we haven’t seen from a blue state in a very long time.

This is not an academic disagreement or a matter of opinion over fashion trends. For all their “enlightenment”, these blue-state-busy-bodies demand that people live just like them…or go to jail. I know people who’ve served time. Of course there is push back. It is long overdue.

The outcome is in doubt. Will we see the so-called Republican/conservatives in office actually conserve liberty, or will they support the status quo that got them campaign contributions? I don’t know. It is up to us.

These are interesting times.

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