In Case You Watch CNN, Look What Trump Did For Cops This Christmas

Written by K. Walker on January 1, 2018

President Trump honored the law enforcement officers that were working through the holidays for him with this awesome gesture.

The Commander In Chief paid for a full Christmas dinner for the members of the Secret Service, the White House Military Office, and the Palm Beach Sheriff Department.  President Trump and his family were celebrating Christmas at Mar-A-Lago.

The spread included a full Christmas dinner buffet including turkey and dessert and was served from 1-7pm so that all of the shifts could have an opportunity to enjoy the holiday meal.

President Trump has Made Christmas ‘Christmas’ Again.

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Here is the Christmas greeting from the President and the First Lady:

President Trump wanted to share the Christmas cheer to those who had to work on the holiday, and give them an opportunity to celebrate as well.

Ironically, the info was tweeted out by CNN’s Noah Gray but doesn’t seem to be reported on CNN’s website.

No surprise that CNN would bury a story that President Trump was personally paying for a huge Christmas buffet meal for the law enforcement and military officers serving him and his family when they could have been with their own families.

It just doesn’t fit the narrative of ‘evil, Republican bastard’.

President Trump doesn’t miss an opportunity to honor and support the military or law enforcement:

Barry?  Eh.. Well, check out these examples of his treatment of the military personnel that would escort him:

He forgot to salute:

A couple of times:

And there was also the ‘Latte Salute’:

No wonder President Trump calls CNN ‘Very Fake News’.

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