Dear America: Here’s 7 Groups Who HATED Trump’s Epic SOTU Speech – Please Take Note!

Published on January 31, 2018

How could anyone hate that epic SOTU address? Easy, you start by being one of these cranky groups.

Here is the Official ClashDaily take on Trump’s Home-Run SOTU speech. It also HAMMERS a few groups that really will NOT like it.

Did you see Chuck Schumer and Pelosi’s reaction to the speech?

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It wasn’t pretty.

Da-yum. Those faces will keep you up at night.

Then there was the Congressional Black Caucus making a fool of themselves, and proving they’re more interested in their Marxism than they are in the group they claim to represent.

The NFL won’t like it either… especially when they brought in that young lad who helped put 40,000 flags on the graves of veterans.

He’s even from CALI, yo! (That’s gotta twist the knife a little.)

Trump used a little kid’s patriotism to make the kneelers look like hopeless chumps.

Speaking of chumps, it’s a bad day to be a tinpot dictator in North Korea.

The speech gave us a photo that could prove to be as devastating to HIS international PR battle as that Tienneman Square tank photo was to the Chinese abuses.

We have a Human Rights advocate, who survived starvation, double amputation without anesthesia, detention and beatings, and a harrowing escape on crutches through China, not merely more than a hundred miles, but over a thousand. Here’s HIS story.

With all that butthurt, they can’t enjoy all the #Winning. But we can.

With the Trump $100 bill, gift giving just got a whole lot easier.

What’s not to like? They get a gift, and you get to crow about just how good Trump’s first year has been.

It’s win-win, right? Heck yeah.

Where would you get such a wonderful gift? We’re glad you asked.

It’s right here –> Trump $100 Bill

Or maybe when you give it, they’re uptight and have no sense of ha-ha.

We’ve got something for that, too.

Give them a book.

But not just ‘any’ book.

Give them something that can help them get over their serious case of Trump-derangement Butthurt.

Tell them they can use that Hundred Dollar Bill as a bookmark.

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